Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodbye & Good luck

G'day friends,
after spending almost a year away from this blog I am quite surprised at the comments and I do apologise for worrying a few of you. I think 2009 is what I now call my year of living painfully, I endured intense backpain due to a caught nerve and ended having to walk with an aid(wheelie walker)now thankfully my time away from the computer has seemed to help the pain in my back and it has lessened in intensity, but it is still there though less intense.
My father 4 weeks ago took another fall in the back yard and unfortunately broke his shoulder due to his age and where he fractured it(at the very top)he is now permanenty injured and I now spend a lot of time looking after him.
I have missed you all and I keep many of you in my prayers but I think it is time to say goodbye and good luck to you all. Many, many thanks for your prayers and thoughts...And once again I apologise for my rudeness I didn't expect anyone to miss me and so did not think to look at our blog.
May 2010 bring you hope, faith, lots of laughter and much love.
Your friend,
Marie xoxoxoxo