Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Past.... Present....Future

It’s inevitable that prices will change with time, the bigger issue is the ability of consumers to keep up. We all know that the price of everything is affected with the cost of fuel however the rise in prices in most items is not proportional. It annoys me to pay five dollars more for something, but I forget about it in a few minutes. I lead a somewhat simplistic life, I have my spending vices, but I know that $100 just can’t do what it used to do. I really wonder how families, especially families where money was tight before, are making out now.

It’s no wonder why there are so many angry people out there, everything is about staying afloat. How do you make that $500 dollars last until you get paid? Food, clothing, shelter, fuel, bills and this does not include the occasional indulgence; people are living a nightmare to survive. Worrying about making ends meet must be so stressful, feeling defeated, inadequate, a failure. Then we have those who are living in some sort of bubble it seems living so outside their means. They say they are suffering, many really are but you cannot compare you not being able to buy the most expensive pair of shoes or outfit to those who cannot meet their basic needs. Keeping up with the Jones Syndrome as I call it but he who dies with the most toys is still dead.

There are so many people working, trying to make their lives and their families just a little bit better but the limitations that are being placed on them, the bar just keeps rising and rising, seeming somewhat impossible. I’m talking about those who did not inherit money, did not sell their values or rape the land and will not swindle their fellow man to get rich. These are the ones that are being affected most. I am not talking about not sacrificing and saving for a rainy day, but when Governments and the “experts” tell us to live without this or that, how can you tell a man who works hard to provide for his family, abides by the law etc not to take his family to see an occasional movie or take them for a simple treat like ice cream??

So what are we to do? One of the biggest problems worldwide is that agriculture is devalued. It is more cost effective to take land that is suited for agriculture and use it for namely housing. Penny wise they say, take land, cheap land and build houses, hotels, industries on it and sell them for exorbitant amounts of money. It’s more like pound foolish, you cannot eat money. And the biggest solution is population control, try to make a law as to how many children a couple should have and make Abortion and Euthanasia legal. Kill the unwanted.

The experts say substitute one food for another but the substitute is just as expensive or costs more. They thought that genetic engineering would have solved the food problem because it should have been able to produce a lot of cheap food, but that is not the case. We surely can’t eat or drink technology. With the rise in prices, we have so many things to consider when making purchases today the one up I can see is that it is forcing people to think about what really makes them happy. Does the bigger home, the bigger car, the extra car, the priciest brands in food, clothing, appliances etc etc, does having these things make me happy?

It is said that the present is the past in disguise, so if the price of bread once caused so much change ( The French Revolution), what future is hiding behind our present?

What Would You Do?

If you walked into the grocery store
Seeing a mother so sad
Who had not enough money
To feed the child she had
Would you reach into your pocket?
Or walk away in haste
Knowing half the things you bought today
Would probably go to waste
What would you do
Tell me, What would you do?

If strolling down the sidewalk
You see an elderly man
Knowing his legs can barely move
He's walking as fast as he can
Having proudly served his country
Receiving this injury in the war
And yet, for You and I,
He would have given so much more
Would you help him cross the street,
With the gentleness of your hand?
Or would you walk on past him, as fast as you can?
What would you do?
Tell me, What would you do?

If walking in the park one day
You come upon a child
Knowing they are handicapped, their communication mild
Would you sit and talk with them, or share a caring smile?
Or would you go about your way,
With no acknowledgement at all?
What would you do?
Tell me, What would you do?

If driving down the road one day
You look over to the side
Seeing a family in their car
With the hood open wide
Would you stop and ask them, If they need help or a ride?
Or would you keep on going,
Because you would not take the time?
What would you do?
Tell me, What would you do?
What do you think, The Lord would ask of you?

Author unknown

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mawieeeee!!!!!

Today is a very blessed day. It’s the day that the good Lord blessed us all with Marie. The birthday person gets gifts on their birthday but I feel like I have been given the gift of Mawie. God blessed me with a gem, someone so special and so beautiful, thank you God! Words cannot express what her friendship means to me, always being there for me, always there to lend a shoulder to lean on, always there to give you that boost that you need sometimes, will correct you when wrong, will always encourage you, always love you, always be there and to know that she lifts me up in prayer, what a friend, what a blessing!! I don't know what I did to deserve it all but I am humbled and so very thankful.

Woooohoooo sis 21 again!!! LOL!!

So to my dear sis Mawie,

May the Lord continue to guide and bless you
and keep you in His most tender embrace.

May your birthday bring
You as much happiness
As you give to everyone
Who knows you

Happy Birthday dear Sis!


Luv ya, luv ya, luv ya!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The choice

He placed one scoop of clay upon another until a form lay lifeless on the ground.

All of the Garden's inhabitants paused to witness the event. Hawks hovered. Giraffes stretched. Trees bowed. Butterflies paused on petals and watched.

"You will love me, creation," God said. "I made you that way. You will obey me, universe. For you were designed to do so. You will reflect my glory, skies, for that is how you were created. But this one will be like me. This one will be able to choose."

All were silent as the Creator reached into himself and removed something yet unseen. A seed. "It's called 'choice.' The seed of choice."

Creation stood in silence and gazed upon the lifeless form.

An angel spoke, "But what if he..."

"What if he chooses not to love?" the Creator finished. "Come, I will show you." Unbound by today, God and the angel walked into the realm of tomorrow. "There, see the fruit of the seed of choice, both the sweet and the bitter."

The angel gasped at what he saw. Spontaneous love. Voluntary devotion. Chosen tenderness. Never had he seen anything like these. He felt the love of the Adams. He heard the joy of Eve and her daughters.

He saw the food and the burdens shared. He absorbed the kindness and marveled at the warmth.

"Heaven has never seen such beauty, my Lord. Truly, this is your greatest creation."

"Ah, but you've only seen the sweet. Now witness the bitter." A stench enveloped the pair. The angel turned in horror and proclaimed, "What
is it?"

The Creator spoke only one word: "Selfishness."

The angel stood speechless as they passed through centuries of repugnance. Never had he seen such filth. Rotten hearts. Ruptured promises. Forgotten loyalties. Children of the creation wandering blindly in lonely labyrinths.

"This is the result of choice? the angel asked.


"They will forget you?"


"They will reject you?"


"They will never come back"?

"Some will. Most won't."

"What will it take to make them listen?"

The Creator walked on in time, further and further into the future, until he stood by a tree. A tree that would be fashioned into a cradle. Even then he could smell the hay that would surround him.

With another step into the future, he paused before another tree. It stood alone, a stubborn ruler on a bald hill. The trunk was thick, and the wood was strong. Soon it would be cut. Soon it would be trimmed. Soon it would be mounted on the stony brow of another hill. And soon he would be hung on it.

He felt the wood rub against a back he did not yet wear.

"Will you go down there?" the angel asked.

"I will."

"Is there no other way?"

"There is not."

"Wouldn't it be easier to not plant the seed? Wouldn't it be easier to not give the choice?"

"It would," the Creator spoke slowly. "But to remove the choice is to remove the love."

He look around the hill and foresaw a scene. Three figures hung on three crosses. Arms spread. Heads fallen forward. They moaned with the wind. Men clad in soldier's garb sat on the ground near the trio. They played games in the dirt and laughed.

Men clad in religion stood off to one side. They smiled. Arrogant, cocky. They had protected God, they thought by killing this false one.

Women clad in sorrow huddled at the foot of the hill. Speechless. Faces tear streaked. Eyes downward. One put her arm around another and tried to lead her away. She wouldn't leave. "I will stay," she said softly, "I will stay."

All heaven stood to fight. All nature rose to rescue. All eternity poised to protect. But the Creator gave no command.

"It must be done...," he said, and withdrew.

But as he stepped in time, he heard the cry that he would someday scream: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" He wrenched at tomorrow's agony.

The angel spoke again. "It would be less painful........"

The Creator interrupted softly. "But it wouldn't be love."

They stepped into the Garden again. The Maker looked earnestly at the clay creation. A monsoon of love swelled up within him. He had died for the creation before he had made him. God's form bent over the sculptured face and breathed. Dust stirred on the lips of the new one. The chest rose, cracking the red mud. The cheeks fleshened. A finger moved. And an eye opened.

But more incredible than the moving of the flesh was the stirring of the spirit. Those who could see the unseen gasped. Perhaps it was the wind that said it first. Perhaps what the star saw that moment is what has made it blink ever since. Maybe it was left to an angel to whisper it:

"It looks like ... it appears to so much like ... it is him!"

The angel wasn't speaking of the face, the features, or the body. He was looking inside - at the soul.

"It's eternal!" gasped another.

Within the man, God has placed a divine seed. A seed of himself (A seed of choice). The God of might had created earth's mightiest... And the One who had chosen to love had created one who could love in return.

Now it's our choice.

Max Lucado

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ANZAC's & Village of Villers-Bretonneux

At the small primary school in the French village of Villers-Bretonneux is an inscription which reads ''N'oublions jamais l'Australie'' (Never forget Australia).
''Many people may not remember what happened but no one will ever forget, not here, our nations are tied for life,'' says Frenchman Alain Martin, on a plateau surveying thousands of white headstones, many marking the graves of Australian soldiers, just outside the village.
On April 24-25, 1918, the village became the site of the world's first tank battle between the British Mark IV and the German AV7s.
But it was the heroics of Australian troops who won the day and were to forever to be remembered, with a dogged storming of the German trenches that eventually liberated Villers-Bretonneux.
The Australian push, led by a former bank clerk from Queensland, Brigadier-General Bill Glasgow, resulted in the loss of more than 1200 Diggers and for that the town vowed never to forget the sacrifice and to forever honour the men from a nation few locals knew anything about before the battle.
Most Australians know the Anzac legend as being that of the slaughter of Diggers in Gallipoli in western Turkey between April and December, 1915.
The tragic event epitomised the futility and brutality of World War I for Australia but also created a legend and ethos that today defines what it means to be Australian.
Three years later, almost to the day, another battle raged that perhaps only this year will gain the recognition and commemoration it deserves.
William Glasgow was as famous for his daring on various battlefields across the world as he was for being the man to defy the British military masters and, in the process, probably saving thousands of young lives.
At the very least, he saved his men. At the very most, he won a decisive battle that some historians have since claimed swung the war in the Allied favour.
The brigade fought many battles in the ensuing two years but it was at Villers-Bretonneux that it gained an almost mythic status.
The village had been captured from the British by the Germans with an attack using tanks for the first time. The British 8th Division believed the entire Allied line south would fall if the town was not recaptured and numerous attempts were made.
For the British, the village area represented one of its biggest defeats in military history, with 21,000 troops captured in the first 24 hours, including up to eight battalion commanders.
Thousands of others were slaughtered and the remaining troops were about to be pushed back across the Channel.
Then two Australian divisions, the other led by Brigadier-General Pompey Elliot, were moved into position. Glasgow inspected the proposed battle ground where his mainly Victoria-based troops would fight and die, before seeing British 8th Division commander General Heneker.
The men instantly clashed on the proposed tactics of where to begin the push and how.
''Tell us what you want us to do, sir, but you must let us do it our own way,'' Glasgow famously declared.
He also wanted to start the battle at night but the Briton preferred early evening despite the fact the Germans would see the soldiers amassing on their lines.
''If it was God Almighty who gave the order, we couldn't do it in daylight,'' Glasgow exploded at the British officer before they settled on a compromise of 10pm.
''The villagers could be heard calling from one house to another `Les Australiens' ,'' he recalls. ''A few minutes later . . . they began unloading their carts and their furniture was carried indoors again.
An old man said (to an Australian soldier), `pas necessaire maintenant vous les tiendrez' (we don't need to run; you will hold them).''
The fierce attack was a success and the flouting of the rules was later seen by historians as one of the most impressive operations of its kind that occurred on the Western Front.
''Without Glasgow's strength holding his point against the pressure of a hierarchy of commanders, the effort would have been futile.'' Bean claims.
''In the whole of history, we cannot find an army more marvellous in its bravery, and in the war there was none that contributed more nobly to the final triumph.''
French Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch added: ''Although our task was never easy, it was made less difficult by the patriotism and the passionate valour of the Australians, which served as an example to the whole world. That wonderful attack of yours at Villers-Bretonneux was the final proof, if any were needed.
''You saved Amiens. You saved France.
'Our gratitude will remain ever and always to Australia.''

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine LOL

Victor and the Yucca Plant

One of my favourite comedies of all time is 'One Foot in the Grave.' Luckily for me on satelite TV there are re-runs so every night I ROAR with laughter at the antics of Victor Meldrew and his long suffering wife. This video only runs for 2 minutes so please DO watch and have a laugh LOL!
In fun
Marie heehee!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is The Church a Democracy?

The Catholic Church has never been a democracy, not in the past, not in the present and not in the future. In fact the Church does not change to suit the times in this 'anything goes' generation. Most of the acrimony comes from a failed understanding of this essential fact, some may not agree with everything the Church does, but that does not give anyone free license to dissent nor question the Churches authority.

Catholic Church doctrine and Dogma's are not to be disputed; they are to be accepted with filial obedience to the Vicar of Christ and the Magisterium, anyone who does other than this would have to consider themselves above the Church. This can also be a problem within the Church as some Priests and Religious embrace a spirit of liberalism and try to introduce a 'new doctrine' to the Catholic Church. They do this by trying to make Jesus seem as if he is no different from all of us, they emphasise Jesus humanity and either disregard or totally ignore Jesus Divine Nature. In their efforts to make the Church and Jesus more relevant they have in affect made both `seem' irrelevant, for why worship a `man' who is `just like us'?

The modernistic trend in the Church cannot be solely and entirely blamed on our Priests or Religious, it is also to be shared with equal responsibility with the laity. We cannot complain about bad liturgical practices, if we maintain our silence in the presence of the Priests who espouse this `new(false)Doctrine'.

The true enemy of the Church is apathy and timidity of soul, when in fear of repercussions or a loss of popularity the laity maintain their silence, thereby giving the Priest its sanction to do as he wishes.

In matters of Liturgical correctness, whether it be in Latin or in the required language of the persons country ie; Norvus Ordo is not based on a `perfect language' but on a `perfect intent', that seeks to give all Honour, Praise, Glory to the Trinitarian God, through Worship and thanksgiving and receiving of The Eucharist & through the Sacraments of the Church. To suggest that the only valid Mass is the Latin Mass is faulty in that it disregards the Popes authority to proclaim what is True and acceptable in forms of Worship. For if language is the source of the problems encountered by many Latin Mass observers, then should the Mass not be said in Aramaic, as was spoken by Jesus and the Apostles?

In defense of the Norvus Ordo Mass, while many dispute its validity they are in essence being disobedient to the very Church they proclaim to obey. There has not been one Pope who has negated the Norvus Ordo Mass therefore those who do proclaim it as illegitimate must understand the implications of such faulty thinking. If the Norvus Ordo Mass is considered illegimate then all those who have received the Sacraments of the Church must be considered null and void including the Sacrament of Baptism and Marriage. What are the repercussions of this? That those Baptized are really not Catholic? Or that those who have been married are not legally married? This is why it is essential that we proclaim what the Catholic Teaches, rather than what we 'think' it should teach.

We need to truly recognise the `signs of the times' and then with prayer, speak the Truth irrespective of the cost to oneself, for what comes first, self preservation or Salvation?
Written by Marie

St. Augustine-Quote

If you believe what you like in the gospels, and reject what you don't like, it is not the gospel you believe, but yourself.
Saint Augustine of Hippo

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mengele Syndrome-Abortion & Science

"This man is completely carried away; everything he says and writes has the mark of his egocentrism; this man is capable of trampling on corpses and eliminating anything that is an obstacle. I cannot understand how there are so many people in Germany who do not understand him, and cannot draw conclusions from what he says or writes. Has any of them even read his horrifying ‘Mein Kampf’?"

The above quotation is from Pope Pius XII who seemed to be the only man in Europe to understand Adolf Hitler's intentions from the beginning! This begs the question how was a whole nation deceived?

They were deceived because in the end people will believe what they want to believe and truth has very little to do with it. Adolf Hitler was not born with the title 'Der Fuhrer' neither was he born a monster, he became both of these in his short life. He was able to convince a Nation that genocide was the answer to all their perceived 'problems', how could he do this? Because the nation was ready to be seduced and they were.

The next step in Hitlers demonic plan was to convince the German people that murder was the ultimate solution to all their problems. But Hitler was cunning, he knew that the German peoples had to be de-sensitized towards murder, that it would become acceptable, but this had to be done little by little and drip by poison drip. Using stealth and seduction Hitler did precisely that.

Hitler began a programe of forced sterilization of those who were deemed 'mentally deficient.' After this success, he began the move towards enforced euthanasia of those deemed by the Nazi's as unfit to live, approximately 60,000 Germans died using this legal method of murder. These orders were made law and carried out from 1935 to 1939 before Hitler began the Mass extermination of the Jews.

Another ground breaking move made by Hitler was to legalize abortion as he stated with these 'enlightening' words, "In view of the large families of the native population, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. Active trade in contraceptives ought to be actually encouraged in the Eastern territories, as we could not possibly have the slightest interest in increasing the non-Germanic population." Should we be too surprised that almost 70 years later most Western countries also embrace that 'theory' and have put it into affect? That 'catholics' are also embracing this 'enlightened' way of thinking and like the Nazi's, genocide has also been sanitized into more acceptable terms such as Pro-Choice, and the baby is called a 'cell'. We are in this day and age living the Nazi ideal, some simply don't know it yet, they are too busy supporting this genocide of the innocents.

As the Germans threw out the Crucifix and embraced the Swastika should we not feel alarmed when within our own countries there are organizations which are attempting to ban the Crucifix from all Government buildings and institutions? Some have also taken the step to have the Ten Commandments removed. Who is frightened by the Commandments of God? Only those who are breaking them!

Just as in Nazi Germany it becomes dangerous when a country accepts evil as a good, and murders it's most vulnerable citizens, rather than live by their Faith which opposes murder.

In our own day we are living the 'Mengele Syndrome' where abortion is now legal in most Western countries. Where scientists perform experiments on human embryo's, as well as trying to create human life in a test tube. Is there not a move to use euthanasia as a viable alternative to end human suffering as well as dispose of those who are born with disabilities?

Have we not become what we hate?

When you listen to and vote for politicians who embrace the Pro-Choice platform you have become the enemy. You have been seduced into accepting murder as a right. When did God cede Power to man?

The most scary aspect is, that Adolf Hitler was not born evil, yet he became it. The entire German people were not born evil, yet they supported it. The worlds population at that time were not born evil yet they ignored it. When evil knocks at your door will you recognise it's dark message? Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI warns us with these wise words, "The more one understands the holiness of God, the more one understands the opposite of what is holy, namely, the deceptive masks of the devil"

How did Hitler murder over 6 million people, because he could. The question is did we learn from history or are we repeating it?

Written by Marie

Do You Hear Him?

Do You Hear Him?

The man whispered, "God, speak to me,"

and a meadowlark sang.

But, the man did not hear.

So the man yelled, "God, speak to me,"

and the thunder rolled across the sky.

But, the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said, "God let me see you."

And a star shined brightly.

But the man did not see.

And, the man shouted, "God show me a miracle."

And, a life was born.

But, the man did not notice.

So, the man cried out in despair,

"Touch me God, and let me know you are there."

Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man.

But, the man brushed the butterfly away...and walked on.

The man cried, "God, I need your help!"

And an e-mail arrived reaching out

with good news and encouragement.

But, the man deleted it and continuned crying....

Dont miss out on a blessing because it isn't

packaged the way you expect.

Expect the unexpected


Friday, April 18, 2008


The world cannot give the peace that Christ speaks of, and no amount of worldly accruements can give us this peace which we all seek in the inner most recesses of our heart.

Noone has the power to force others to love one another. Love is not overbearing nor does it try and control that which is beyond its capacities, for a person cannot enforce its own will upon another.

How do we attain this peace in a hectic and violent world? It can only be gained through a spirit of detachment, in that we focus all our attention on what is pleasing to God, rather than what is pleasing to us. Detachment does not mean spiritual coldness nor the clinical asceticism so favoured by a few who misunderstand the fiery torrent of God's Divine Love. A soul that has detached itself from all worldly needs is a soul that is truly free to love as we were designed too, not in a spirit of self seeking but to serve others

We learn through the actions of Jesus that in order to gain His Peace we need to detach from a longing to please man and learn to please God. It is when we detach ourselves from emotionalism that we gain true peace of heart which is not held hostage to the tyranny of memory, nor at the mercy of emotions which remain entrapped in negativism or a need for worldly approval.

The Word of God teaches us that though we may speak the Truth if it is delivered from a spirit of harshness then no matter the truth it will be rejected by a person that has already suffered much. It is also a timely reminder that we in and of ourselves cannot create our own peace nor share this 'false peace' with others.

The soul that has gained this great treasure, the Peace of Christ can only dwell and live its meaning in the soul that loves for Loves sake.

Written by Marie


IF the bird knew how through the wintry weather

An empty nest would swing by day and night,

It would not weave the strands so close together

Or sing for such delight.

And if the rosebud dreamed e'er its awaking

How soon its perfumed leaves would drift apart,

Perchance 'twould fold them close to still the aching

Within its golden heart.

If the brown brook that hurries through the grasses

Knew of drowned sailors–and of storms to be–

Methinks 'twould wait a little e'er it passes

To meet the old grey sea.

If youth could understand the tears and sorrow,

The sombre days that age and knowledge bring,

It would not be so eager for the morrow

Or spendthrift of the spring.

If love but learned how soon life treads its measure,

How short and swift its hours when all is told,

Each kiss and tender word 'twould count and treasure,

As misers count their gold.

Virna Sheard

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heresy At The Door-The New Age

There is a great longing within each soul to become more than what it is. A void exists within each of us as we yearn for some meaning to our existance.

The problem begins when many embrace a spiritual alchemy of different spiritualities which promise everything but deliver nothing. But, what lies beneath this longing for a spiritual elixir? Could it be that many long to be in control rather than cede power to a higher source, with that higher Source being God, The Triune Spirit? When we do this are we not saying to God, 'I am my own power, the source of my own wisdom? The Truth's of the Catholic Church no longer hold sway over these 'spirituality shoppers', as they seek to mix different kinds of mysticism such as Reiki, Enneagrams and other New Age beliefs, to suit themselves.

When we long for different doctrines we have fallen out of love with God and in love with the satanic illusion of making our lives better or more meaningful by embracing a lie over the Truth.

The word that is missing in all this spiritual alchemy is religion. Those who embrace this form of superficial spirituality deny that we need an 'organized religion' as if religion had become a dirty word or that it has dictatorial overtones. Yet, though Reiki is not seen as 'religious' it seeks to offer spiritual healing, exactly what spirit is being called forth to bring about this 'healing'? A feeling of fuzzy wuzzy warmth is no healing at all, but an illusion.

This constant need for anything 'new' or 'exciting' not only indicates spiritual immaturity it indicates a falling away of the faithful and denial of the Truths of the Church that they profess to believe during the Liturgy. How can one profess the Apostles Creed when they have placed their faith in New Age lies? For who is the father of lies?

It is also shows spiritual laziness, where many people prefer to treat our Catholic faith as if it were a recipe which needs new ingredients to liven it up! For instance with Reiki one becomes an instant master, but a master of what exactly, trickery? Where is God in trickery? And by proclaiming oneself a master are you not negating The Master, our Lord Jesus Christ?

The New Age is merely gnosticism dressed up in old rags, but in our dissolute age many have had their senses dimmed as they long for a quick fix to heal their jaded souls. At the heart of this is sheer laziness, a narcisstic love of self and an absorbtion with it's own importance. The concept of New Age is to make the self the centre of the universe and to negate a sense of sin. The idea being that if sin no longer exists then we have no need of God.

All of these spiritual alchemies have the element of the occult within them, therefore they will also deny the existence of the Devil. By rationalising sin and evil as mere expressions of our 'woundedness', they fail to explain what and whom is the source of evil? If evil can only be overcome through man's own 'power' does this not lead to an endless hopelessness as evil perpetuates itself with no end in sight. For if there is no source of evil then there is also no source of goodness.

We have within the heart of the Catholic Church a deep and integral Mysticism that goes directly to the heart of God Himself. Through the Saints and Mystics of our Church they have shed light on a path that will bring us closer to God and allow God to transform us into living Christ's if we give the Triune Spirit our own fiat. We also have the Sacraments which also unites us with God through the Sacrament of Penance and the Receiving of the Eucharist.

There can be NO marriage between the Catholic Church and New Age 'spiritualities' which deny the Revelatory Salvation found only through Jesus Christ, for to deny this Truth is to deny Christ Himself. Once again Scripture warns us, 'Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.'

When you drink from the devils brew, whatever disguise it may be, you imbibe spiritual poison.

In the end do we sing praises to God or dance with the Devil if the tune sounds right? Or can many no longer tell the difference?

Prayer of Blessed Titus Brandsma

O Jesus, when I look on you

My love for you starts up anew,

And tells me that your heart loves me

And you my special friend would be.

More courage I will need for sure,

But any pain I will endure,

Because it makes me like to you

And leads unto your kingdom too.

In sorrow do I find my bliss,

For sorrow now no more is this:

Rather the path that must be trod,

That makes me one with you, my God.

Oh, leave me here alone and still,

And all around the cold and chill.

To enter here I will have none;

I weary not when I'm alone.

For, Jesus you are at my side;

Never so close did we abide.

Stay with me, Jesus, my delight,

Your presence near makes all things right.

Blessed Titus Brandsma

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Only Takes A Spark

It seems that all we see in the news and in our world is bad news, nothing positive. I want to talk about some positive things. There are so many issues affecting us now, violence, indiscipline, greed and a general hardening of the human heart while we run this rat race called life. In a few hours of simply opening my eyes I saw some things that made me realize that tiny fires can burn bright and dispel a lot of darkness.

Sometimes I can let myself get caught up in the bitter stream of things happening around me and can get callous. These are the times when I forget the infinite strength that can be drawn from the look in someone’s eyes when some kindness is shown to them, when someone stops to show that they care, when someone just notices you.

I was blessed to see fathers with their children, carrying them in their arms and interacting with them. In times where so many gadgets and gismos are available for carrying around babies especially, it was heartwarming to see fathers with babes in arms. It was so nice to see children interacting comfortably with their fathers and to see how delighted they were to have their children with them. It was sort of reassuring that there still are some men who not only take responsibility for their offspring but who also take an active part in their lives.

Youth have been given such a bad name that when you see things like this happen you realize that the future is in good hands. I saw this group of young people coming out of the mall and they held the door open for an old lady and a pregnant woman. Another didn’t do anything but considering the lack of manners that has infected so many of them, politeness has to be recognized and commended. I was behind this young guy and girl and they waited in line, were very distinct in saying please and thank you and left the clerk of the bakery with a “have a pleasant evening.” Yup, we do have some pleasant children out there.

An elderly vagrant is sitting on the street corner, hands outstretched. Many people walk by some give a quick glance but most ignore him, he is invisible. A young, stylish couple walks out of an eatery carrying dinner. They pass the vagrant and the young man turns around and gives the box he is carrying, soft drink and all to the vagrant and heads back into the eatery.

For just a couple of hours of really opening my eyes I have seen much. I wonder if any of these tiny flames, these little fires are aware of how much they gave to me, gave to the world when they committed these acts. They brought joy to those who needed it and were responsible human beings. They gave me hope and inspired me.

These things remind us and make us more aware that this beautiful world that our loving God brought us into is indeed a wonderful world. Every little act counts. So open up your eyes and look at the little things that people do and get some hope and inspiration and go out do the same. Open your eyes to the people around you, all it may take is something as simple as a smile to turn someone’s day and life around.

Random Facts Meme

Kathy from The Daily Grotto has tagged me for this meme. Thanks Cathy for thinking of me.

These are the rules:

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  1. I’m the poster child for accident prone. Walking into glass doors, falling down stairs, tripping over myself, you get the picture LOL!

  2. My nails are so pink and long that most everyone that sees them is convinced they are fake and I paint them that color, a real conversation starter.

  3. I just love Kool-Aid. Cherry, strawberry, tropical punch, mmm, just love the stuff!!

  4. I’m not a thrill seeker, bungee-jumping, rock climbing, skydiving, anything extreme is just not me.

  5. When I’m eating, I like to enjoy my food. I don’t know what it is but I just LOVE to savor the flavors that make up the meal. You know when you take a taste of something and its like hhmm what is that, take another taste and its like ohh that’s what it is.

  6. I love lollipops, blow pops to be precise. There is nothing better than curling up with a book and a strawberry or cherry blow pop. Well curling up with a book and CHOCOLATE!!!

  7. I don’t know why but I just don’t like the way lipstick, lip gloss. lip balm feels on my lips. I wear it but I can’t wait till I reach home to grab a piece of tissue and wipe it off.

Well seeing that just about everyone has done this already I don't have anyone to tag.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Technology Monster ???

About five years ago when everybody and their pet acquired a cell phone, I thought the novelty of the cell phone would have worn off, but clearly I was wrong, it’s gotten worse. You just meet someone and within minutes they want your number, complete strangers want the privilege that my parents and probably the boyfriend and close friends have of asking “why weren’t you answering your phone?”

Try spending some quality time with someone, the phone keeps ringing, the emails keep coming. You are trying to eat, trying to buy something, trying to do anything, the darn phone is ringing. Walking down the street, driving is a painful and dangerous task. Why is the car in front of you crawling then speeding up then swerving? Because the driver is on the cell phone! People are so lost in conversation that they do not pay attention to what they are doing. I once saw someone on the highway driving with a laptop on the steering wheel trying to type?!?!

We’re enslaved! I’m tired of having to literally beg for service when the person who is supposed to help you is yapping away or texting with one hand and one eye oblivious to your presence.

Some gauge their self worth by the number of calls, hits, or emails they get. It’s as if your phone does not ring, no one checks out your Myspace or Facebook or sends you email means that no one loves you. Don’t get me wrong I’m not dismissing the benefits of technology, being able to be in contact so easily is a blessing for sappy folks like me, technology has made life easier but there is a very ugly side to it.

We are aware of how easy it is to capture anything, photo or video and share it with the world with the press of one button. Students are using their cell phones to make and sell pornography and a plethora of adult content. The latest I have seen on the news is this group of teenagers beating a fellow classmate and filming it to post up on the internet as a form of retaliation for something the girl had said about them. It’s not the first time this has been done and I’m sure it wont be the last, its the first time people are taking some notice of it.

The internet is a social network among other things and has become the best gossip tool out there. To be popular online you have to be “unique”, be a trend setter and sometimes that just means you have to be mean and nasty to get that attention. What will people not do to be popular?

What has me very concerned is the fact that so many parents and school officials think little or do nothing to address this whole bullying issue. Let’s face it bullying has gone high tech. Psychologists give you all the signs so you can recognize if your child is being bullied, but what if your child is the bully? No one wants to think that their child is a bully but the fact remains that some of them are. People argue that words can’t hurt a person but they do. Both parties are guilty in this case, the girl antagonized the other girls but I don’t think that anything she could have said warrants her getting beaten unconscious by eight girls. Girls at that! Why are girls becoming so violent? No one wants to be on the receiving end of meanness because to do something about it warrants even more repercussions on you, you become even more victimized. So how do kids deal with bullies?

This brings to light many questions that need to be addressed, not only within the family at home but also within the school. What happens on the internet affects both home and school. So what do we do about it?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How are you?

Every Day I am asked "How are You?" My response is always, "Fine, thank you " But what I would really like to say is, "Yes ... I am O.K. "

I Have My Sight ... although not perfect, I can still see the glorious sunsets, the antics of a puppy, the smile of a child, and the most important ... I can see if there are any bugs in my food..

I Have My Hearing ... even though impaired I can hear the music that takes the wrinkles out of my day. I can hear others tell me they love me! And every morning I can hear the snap, crackle, pop ... even if it isn't the cereal.

I Have My sense Of Smell ... although marred with allergies I could tell if the house is on fire, or the baby needs changing. Oh and isn't it heavenly to smell that first cup of coffee in the morning ?

I Still Have My Sense Of Taste ... I can tell when something has gone bad or sour, even though I have to wonder about my own cooking sometimes. LOL

I Still Have My sense Of Touch ... even though some people say I am really touched ... The joy of touching another, loving another, petting your cat, makes you feel you are not alone...

I am O.K. you see.
I can walk, even though I may stumble --
I can talk, sometimes without stopping --
I can laugh, even when nothing is funny --
and I can cry, anytime I want to.....
In fact, I think I am better than just Okay!

How about you ?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Did You Know I Spent The Day With You?

When I blew the wind you asked for it to cool your hot and tired body;
I thought you would know that I was there
When I took you safely home to let you rest and sleep
I thought you would know that I was there.

I tried to talk to you, no answer did I get
I called your name when the day was done with a beautiful sunset
I put my hand on your shoulder when you were worried, beside you I took a seat
You didn't feel it, you felt only your tired and aching feet.

When you laid down in your bed I thought you would speak to me then
No, you went off to sleep so you could start your day again.
Tomorrow I'll be with you once more as I have been since your birth
Sometime in the future you'll call on me when your time comes to leave the earth.

I will not forsake you - I'll be right there by your side
I'll hold your hand and talk to you, til then my time I will bide.
Each day I'll keep hoping that you will someday understand
That I've been there for every step you took and always held your hand.

Through each trial you had, each hurt you endured, through each joy and tear
You will know that I cared enough to be there, that I was always near.
A happy day it will be for me when you reach out and let me touch your hand
A happy day it will be for you when my love you understand.

I've waited many years for you to let me help you with your needs
Your heart is good and filled with love and unselfish deeds.
But without me in your life, the things you do are all in vain
It's like a sprinkle on a garden that's gone for weeks without rain.

I won't give up on you my child, I'll be with you tomorrow
I'll smile if you are happy and dry your tears if you have sorrow.
I'll call your name again with a gentle wind, while I give you another day,
I'll wait for you to talk to me, I'll wait for you to pray.

Norma Marek

To Trust You Is To Believe

Sometimes it seems impossible
To trust in you my Lord
But then again it’s all I have
When my backs against the wall

The pressures forever mounting up
And worsens with little hope
Though I pray and leave it with you
It’s so hard for me to cope

I know, O Lord, you teach us patience
Especially at those times
You want us to trust completely
Though answers are hard to find

And there are times it seems as though
You have stepped back from us
We feel so much alone in our mess
Not knowing you’re watching with love

You never really leave us Lord
Nor forsake us in our need
You only want us to trust you
And in your word believe

You know the circumstances we’re in
And know the struggles we face
The situation when given to you
Can empower our faltering faith

For in your word we’re told to give
To you all our anxieties
And all the worries and fears we have
Praying for the needed victory

For in due course you will come through
To bring the needed relief
And through it all we shall develop
A stronger and deeper belief.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine LOL

Flowers To Brighten Your Day!

That lovely lady Easter has very thoughtfully begun 'flowers to brighten your day,' especially if you need a cheer up. Jean very kindly continued this lovely gift by sending me the flowers, thankyou Jean. So now I will pass it forward.

I send these flowers to brighten the day of my fellow team blogger, Ginny. Surprise, surprise Ginny! Thankyou for being a good friend.

I also send the flowers to Dymphna who always has cheerful and thought provoking posts.

And Jackie who so willingly shares her life and the lovely photo's of her family and faith family.

God bless you all.

Peace & love,

Marie xoxoxo

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spiritism And the Occult

There is a misunderstanding abounding in many Catholic/Christian communities lately on what people think 'spirituality' means. Spirituality and spiritism are two very different things as many flock to see those 'soothsayers' who claim they can speak with the dead. They either become glued to their TV sets to watch little more than occultism or some misguided and grieving relatives seek relief by trying to contact their dead relatives.

Spiritism has now become a major market as more and more shows promote this means of communication and people pay money to these fraudulent practitioners of the occult. This conveys a fundamental lack of trust in God within the Christian, for when our loved ones pass from this world they then receive their Just reward from God and pass on to eternal Glory either by purification in purgatory or into the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are only a few occurrences when due to God's Love and compassion for His people He has allowed the Saints to warn and protect particular souls. It is a well known fact that the young Joan d'Arc had Heavenly visitations from St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret and St. Michael the Archangel. It is also recorded That St. Maria Goretti appeared to her assailant, Alessandro Serenelli when he was imprisoned for her murder. The difference with these miraculous events were indeed just that, Miracles where no 'channeler' or 'soothsayer' was necessary.

To seek out these soothsayers, fortune tellers and other occult practices is to place your own soul in danger and to invite the demonic agents of Satan into your own soul and home. There can be no greater joy to Satan than to know that God's own children doubt His Goodness and His Word.

We must be wary of those who say they are the recipient of Divine visits, or that God is speaking through them, either by voice or by controlling their handwriting. It is prudent to wait upon the judgment of the Catholic Church in regards to miraculous visions and Divine messages.

There are only two forces in this world one is the Source of Goodness and the centre of Divine Love which is the Triune Spirit. The other force is of the satanic realm and his hordes of demons. There is no 'go-between' for the living and the dead to communicate with each other, so when one seeks out these para-normal experiences they are dealing with the demonic who masquerade as their loved ones. We must keep in mind in order to win a soul over, Satan will tell one truth to fool the trusting soul as he and his demons tell a thousand lies.

God's Salvation of His beloved children was paid in full by the Salvific death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior...God's Promises come free of charge, can we say the same of the soothsayers?

Written by Marie

Ode To Old Age

Just a line to say I'm living

That I'm not among the dead

Though I'm getting more forgetful

And all mixed up in my head.

I got used to my Arthritis

To my dentures I'm resigned

I can manage my Bifocals

But dear God I miss my mind.

For sometimes I can't remember

When I stand at the foot of the stairs

If I must go up for something

Or have I just come down from there?

And before the fridge so often

My poor mind is filled with doubt

Have I just put some food away?

Or have I come to take something out?

And there's a time, when it is dark

I stop and hold my head

I don't know if I'm retiring

Or am I getting out of bed?

So, If it is my turn to write to you

There's no need getting sore

I may think that I have written

And don't want to be a bore

So remember that I love you

And wish that you were near

But now it's nearly mail time,

So must say "good-bye dear"

Here I stand before the mail box

With a face so very red

Instead of mailing you my letter

I went and opened it instead.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Humility has nothing to do with thinking lowly of ourselves that is low self esteem. To continually put oneself down has nothing to do with humility and everything to do with a focus on self in an attitude of negativity.

Sincere humility is when we acknowledge that we are nothing in and of ourselves. For we are not the source of goodness, yet we can do good works, we are not the source of hope, yet we live lives full of hope, we are also not the source of love, yet we love and long to be loved. It is God who is the Source of Love and all Good things.

In understanding humility we must realise that humility does not have its source in God, for God is the Creator of all things both seen and unseen. We learn humility when we glimpse the Divine Work of the Triune Spirit and understand that it is not God who needs to be humbled before us, but that we are humbled before such Majesty and such a Love.

Humility begins when we stand in Awe and Wonder at such a God. A God who would send His Beloved Son to die in our place.

Humility understands that if we try and hold onto our talents and Gifts as if we were the origin of them then we have priced ourselves higher than God. It is a good thing to remember that nothing is ever ours, that our Gifts were meant to be shared with one another, freely.

All that is good proceeds from the Triune Spirit. It is the indwelling Spirit that lights the inner sanctum of our souls which then illuminates our being and leads us to understand that nothing good can proceed from us till we have humbled ourselves before God. Until we realise that we have much to be humble about, then our spiritual life will remain a constant struggle with our own ego.

A childlike spirit does not mean we must behave childishly but it does mean that we must put all our trust in God's Goodness. Not for what He can give us, but because God is not like man therefore He will never desert His children not even when we are unfaithful to Him. This is a tremendous Love that has been bestowed upon us...how could any not be humbled by such a Love?

The knowledge that we cannot return God's Love in equal measure should humble us all, for who is man that God thinks of him?


I have been tagged by Easter, Dymphna and Esther.
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1: I can mimic almost anyone including their accents.

2: I often wake up singing and know the lyrics but once fully awake I don't remember the words.

3: I make my family and friends laugh with my rendition of a redneck Mama and her sons, Jethro, Bubba and Bodine, and their continuing misadventures.

4: I tend to get 'sayings' all mixed up like, 'dont count chickens till the eggs have hatched in the basket' or a 'bird in the bush is worth two in the hand.'

5: I cannot compromise on Principles ever.

6: I am very impatient.

7: I am told that I snore, but I refuse to believe it as I havent heard it for myself. It's lies all LIES! LOL

I tag these blogs but only if they feel inclined to participate.