Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Is Barack Obama?

Who is Barack Obama?

Nobody knows.

That's right you haven't read it wrong. Absolutely noone knows who Barack Obama is.

For those who are considering voting for Barack Obama, ask yourself this. Who is he? What is his background? What is his history? Who are his friends?

Now Joe the Plumber asked a simple but relevent question which for the first time in his campaign Senator Obama answered him with honesty, he believes in the redistribution of wealth.

We now know that Senator Obama actually told the truth and forgot to lie. The Senator then spent the next week or so disparaging this working class man. Why?

Does he consider himself to elitist to have to answer to a voter what his policies are? Or doesn't he know himself?

We do know that Senator Obama voted 'present' 129 times. Is he that unsure of himself? Is he that undecided about issues that he literally can't make a decision?

Will he be a 'present' or absent President?

Apart from voting 'present' what did Obama vote for or against?

He stood out against his fellow Democratic Senators such as Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barbar Boxer(to name a few) and voted against the 'Born Alive Infants' law, where babies who survive abortions would be treated as persons in their own right. Senator Obama used the lame excuse that he didn't like the 'wording' so he voted against it. He just didnt vote against it once, no, he voted against it twice.

How many born alive babies will die if he becomes President?

Senator Obama claims to be a believing Christian and yet he shows a constant tendency to deride Scripture as 'blase' and that those who wish to follow God's Commandments are people who "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion … as a way to explain their frustrations."

Is that really how Senator Obama views people who have a devout faith?

What about his beliefs?

"The dangers of secterianism are greater than ever. Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation, at least not just. We are also a Jewish Nation, a Muslim Nation, a Buddhist Nation and a Hindu Nation and a Nation of non believers." Barack Obama.

What about the Moonies? And the Hare Krishna's? They will feel so left out of your, all faith is faith, right? Wrong!

"Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy should we go to Leviticus which suggests slavery's OK or that eating shell fish is an abomination...."Barack Obama

What about 'You shall not kill!' Or is that too literal for the Senator?

Then there is this, "You shall not covet your neighbor's goods!"

What is the Senator's idea's about that one, redistribute your goods, perhaps?

You see in Senator Obama's world he doesn't think he has to answer to God. No! He thinks God should answer to him!

Who is Senator Obama?

Does anyone know?

Do YOU know?

Written by Marie

OBAMA's Objective-Who is Next?

Thanks Ebeth for inspiring the words on this pic. Is anyone safe IF Obama becomes President? If he believes in killing the youngest unborn citizens, what's to stop him from killing the elders in our communities?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro-Choice & Catholic? The New Barbarians!

Many make the mistake of thinking because an issue has become Law then it must be right. Let us take a look at some man made laws and decide.

The Catholics in Ireland even though they were native to that country suffered greatly under the Penal Laws. They were not allowed to teach their children the Catholic Faith, it was unlawful to have Catholic run schools, nor were they allowed to send their children overseas so they could be taught the faith. Catholics were also not allowed to marry Prostestants in that they were not allowed to inherit land. Catholics could not own property, arms, or even a horse(if it were more than five pounds). They were also not allowed to openly worship as Catholics due to suppression of their Catholic beliefs. Neither could they hold public office, vote or practice law.

These were once the law of the land in Ireland but did it make it right?

At one time in America white Americans were allowed to own slaves, at that time it was the law of the land. To own another person was considered right and proper and the Negroe's were considered by many to be subhuman. Because it was the law at one time to own slaves did it make it right?

Do many Americans consider this once strong law right or heinous?

In Nazi Germany it was the law of the land to condemn people based on their religion, they were Jewish. The Nuremberg Laws stated that German Jews were not to be considered German citizens and their citizenship was revoked making them 'subjects to the state'. Jews were also not allowed to marry or engage in sexual activity with an 'Aryan.' Eventually the Nazi's simply deprived the Jews of their human rights as human beings.

Were the Nazi's right and correct in their persecution of the Jewish people, after all they had made it a law?

Now we have Roe V Wade, it is now Law but is it right to kill the unborn because a couple consider it to be an inconvenience and the Government has stipulated it as a non-person?

Just because man has made a 'law' doesn't mean it is right especially if it is against the Moral Law of God being the Ten Commandments. What right does anyone have in pertaining to when a person becomes a person? God has already made that decision; "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you came to birth I consecrated you." Jeremiah 1:5

And the Catholic Churches Teaching is irrevocable on the issue of Abortion: "Since the first century the church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to moral law.You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.God, the Lord of life , has entrusted to men the noble mission of safeguarding life, and men must carry it out in a manner worthy of themselves. Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes. 2271 Catechism of the Catholic Church."

Now as enlightened citizens we look back at past laws in horror. The persecution of Catholics in Ireland, the abhorrence of the slave trade, the evils of the Nazi holocaust perpetrated on the Jewish people.

What will future citizens centuries from now think of a people that murdered the unborn? That left babies who by chance suvived abortion only to be left in cold rooms to die alone, unloved and unwanted.

Are we enlightened human beings or the new barbarians?

What do YOU think?

Written by Marie

Protect The Innocent

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Senator Obama What Are You Hiding?

I find it rather puzzling that all the political candidates have released their medical records including that of Govenor Sarah Palin, but not Senator Barack Obama.

This begs the question, why?

In his autobiography Senator Obama admits to using cocaine but just what year did he desist using this illegal substance?

If Senator Obama were to release his medical records would it hold information pertaining to his use of cocaine and just how long he was addicted to this illegal narcotic?

One is let to ponder why did the Senator not release his medical records?

A 'doctors statement' is not a medical record. And why is the media silent on the fact that unlike the other candidates Senator Obama declined to share his medical history?

Is it not important to know the medical history of a person who may oneday hold the highest office in the land?

I will then ask the question, Senator Obama just what are you hiding by not releasing your medical records?

If this man is so open and honest then let him open his medical records to discerning voters.

Stop hiding Senator and release your records to the public.

Written by Marie

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Islamofascists-In Battle or Dialogue

As Christians, no matter what denomination you espouse we are in a critical battle ground where the rule book has been thrown out by our adversaries which is Islamofascism. These fascists do not follow rules of engagement their only rule is to kill all those who live a different ideology from their worldview. Whether it be by bombing them, beheading them or blowing their enemies up by strapping bombs to themselves, nothing is too loathsome for these tyrannical extremists.

There is nothing more chilling than impersonal hate.

Now Senator Obama has blithely stated that he is ready to sit down with President Ahmadinejad with no pre-conditions so that he can 'dialogue with the enemy' and hopefully turn them into 'friends.'

Does America want to be 'friends' with these tyrants? Obama thinks so!

England before the Second World War tried this 'dialogue' with the likes of Adolf Hitler by acquiescing when it came to Czechoslovakia. As we look back at history did this attempt at 'dialogue' work? Did Hitler suddenly gain a conscience and did the spirit of appeasement work? No it did not.

Will Senator Obama if elected President, re-live history?

It is becoming obvious that those who embrace Islamofascism are in opposition to those who have embraced Christianity. The two are irreconcilable as Islamofascists tries to eliminate the other by any means necessary, whether it be hijacking planes or cruise ships or by strapping bombs to their bodies as they blow up innocent civilians in order to subjugate the world through sheer intimidation.

Many are still refusing to believe that we are in a war. A war that is so all encompassing that it strikes at the heart of our very beliefs and our way of life and yet some are still failing to see that Christianity is in the fight for its very life and it's core beliefs.

Is America & its Allies in a war? You better believe it.

1972: Eight Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seize nine Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich. In a bungled rescue attempt by West German authorities, all the hostages and five terrorists are killed.

1979 - 81: After U.S. President Jimmy Carter agrees to admit the Shah of Iran into the U.S., Iranian radicals seize the U.S. Embassy in Tehran Nov.4 1979, and take 66 American diplomats and embassy employees hostage. Thirteen hostages are soon released, but the remaining 53 are held until their release on Jan. 20, 1981.

1983 U.S and French soldiers bombed in Beirut.

1985 - 1991: Shia militiamen in Beirut take Terry Anderson, an Associated Press reporter, hostage in 1985. They demand the release of Shia extremists convicted of bombing the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait. They also hold hostage Brian Keenan, John McCarthy and Terry Waite.

1985 Hijacked the Achille Lauro

1985 Jun 14, The 17-day hijack ordeal of TWA Flight 847 began as a pair of Lebanese Shiite Muslim extremists seized the plane with 104 Americans shortly after takeoff from Athens, Greece. The hijackers killed Petty Officer Robert Dean Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac in Beirut.

1988 Pan Am 103 crashed over Lockerbie.

1993: World Trade Center bomb terrorizes New York

1993: US forces killed in Somali gun battle At least five US soldiers have been killed and two Blackhawk helicopters shot down in a heavy firefight in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.

2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

2001 11th September attack on World Trade Centre

2002 Bali Bombings

2005 London bombings

The Islamofascists have deliberately kept their people poor and uneducated, in order for their youth to feel a hopelessness about their own future prospects. In this way they can appeal to young men to die for Allah and in this way they will attain their 70 virgins but only IF they are martyred. Ever wonder why Osama Bin Laden remains hidden like a rat in the mountains of Pakistan as he slinks from one safety hole to the next? Did Abu Musab al-Zarqawi offer himself up for martyrdom or was he accidentally trapped by the Americans? It seems the top leadership of these terrorists groups have NO wish to die for their cause.

The sweetest music to the ears of these tyrants is when a Democratic leader speaks of a longing to 'dialogue' with them.

Many Islamofascists cry crocodile tears for the poor Palestinians, yet why then do the more wealthy Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia not set up schools, new roads, hospitals etc? Why? Because they are using the plight of the Palestinians as an excuse to unleash their pent up hatred on the nation of Israel and also on America. The former President Yasser Arafat was given hundreds of millions of dollars from the West, not one penny of this aid was spent on easing the plight of the poor. The majority of the money was squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts.

Christians love God they try and live their faith, but no where does it say that Christians must become door mats so the terrorists can vent their spleen. We have seen what happens when the Islamofascists don't agree with cartoons or books that they feel malign their prophet, yet they feel no such compunction when deriding the Jewish or Christian Faith. It is never right to blaspheme anyone's belief as the Vatican rightfully stated, but equality of respect for other faiths and beliefs is not a one way street. So far it seems the Islamofascists are allowed their own blaspheming but will murder and maim anyone who opposes or satirizes their beliefs.

In the end there is no reasoning with hate for hate has no logic. Let us hope we recognise the dogs of war before they devour us.

Do you trust Barack Obama to keep America safe?

Written by Marie


O Prince of peace, we humbly ask your protection

for all our men and women in military service.

Give them unflinching courage to defend

with honor, dignity and devotion,

the rights of all who are imperiled

by injustice and evil.

Be their rock, their shield, and their stronghold

and let them draw their strength from you.

For you are God, for ever and ever.


Author Unknown

Monday, October 20, 2008

Women of Style & Substance-Grace Kelly

There have been many beautiful women in Hollywood from Louise Brooks to Lana Turner to Charlize Theron, what then makes Grace Kelly not only different but who stands out from the crowd?

Yes! Grace was exceptionally beautiful, but what made her special was her humanity and her humour.

Unlike many who climb the ladder to success Grace never dropped her old friends in favour of new more important one's, her friends stayed true to her throughout her short life and she trusted them with her confidances.

Many men fell instantly inlove with Grace, not because she was beautiful but because she encapsulated the very essense of womanhood, ladylike femininity with a touch of her own quirky humour. These men would range from Alec Guiness to Lord Mountbatten even Prince Charles himself, who admitted to having a serious crush on Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly never took herself seriously and loved life and it showed. No wonder Prince Ranier was bowled over by this elegant, composed and very beautiful woman full of joie de vivre.

Upon accepting Prince Raniers marriage proposal it was a wrench for the young Grace Kelly to leave her homeland and embark on unknown territory, but Grace had courage in abundance, and didn't blink at taking on a role she had not been born into.

Becoming a Princess was much different than being an actress, but once again Grace Kelly rose to the occasion, excellence was a part of her character, she refused to fail and she didn't.

Though the people of Monaco were at first suspicious of this 'actress' they soon grew to love her as she worked hard on behalf of Monaco's interests and raised the country in the eyes of the world, she brought class into a shady place.

Grace Kelly did not need Monaco. Monaco needed Grace Kelly.

Princess Grace had an artisitic nature and she bought this gift with her to her new adopted country helping it to become a place of culture that celebrated the Arts once again embracing a spirit of excellence.

The beautiful Princess though was not without tragedy as she longed for a large family and after having both Caroline and Albert she joyfully welcomed Stephanie into the world after having suffered many miscarriages. Her family was complete, but the shadow of tragedy would follow her.

Grace Kelly had a natural sense of nobility an inner luminous quality that radiated to all who were in her proximity. Grace possessed a natural elegance, an almost ethereal quality, like a star that blazes across the skies and as we wonder at it in amazement we acknowledge it's very beauty is because of it's fragility. Here now, gone forever.

The legacy of Grace Kelly is that noone will ever be her, there will never be another Grace. A woman who embodied style so naturally that quintessentially when one thinks of class, Grace Kelly comes to mind...A fleeting life, yet noone can forget her.

In her own words;

"I would like to be remembered as a decent human being and a caring one - "Grace Kelly

Written by Marie

Passing By

There is a lady sweet and kind

Was never face so pleased my mind,

I did but see her passing by

And yet I love her till I die!

Her gestures, motions and her smile

Her wit, her voice, my heart beguile;

Beguile my heart, I know not why

And yet I love her till I die!

Cupid is winged, and doth range

Her country; so my heart doth change.

But change the earth, or change the sky

Yet will I love her till I die!

Robert Herrick

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meditation with Fulton Sheen III

The end of an old year makes one hear the injunction God gave Moses: " You will not tread that way again." Though time indeed cannot be turned back, the faults and failings of time are not fixed and unalterable. Divine Padon can make them non-existent. Magdalenes can have fires that burned inward changed into fires that burn upward; Paul's who hate can learn to burn with zeal. The essence of the Gospel is the blessing of the second chance."

Bishop Fulton Sheen



At times we tend to see our Saints as skating through life and fail to realise that they are just like us, struggling at times inconsistent and also doubtful. The Saints were not born 'saintly' it is a choice they made daily to live holy lives, to choose virtue over vice and to face the struggles within themselves and outside of themselves. What they did not allow to happen was to be overcome by adversity, instead they turned adversity into a challenge in that they could see and recognise the hand of God at work.

Edith Stein through her teens did not believe in God and instead relied on her intellect alone to solve the deepest issues which affects all people. Her study of philosophy and her vast intelligence was no encumbrance to God and He moved within the soul of Edith and convicted her of the Truth through the works of that great spiritual master, Teresa of Avila. God moved Edith to her very depths, for at the core of Edith was a love of the unvarnished and naked Truth. Edith not only grew to love God she was also converted to the Catholic faith thereby shaking the very foundations of her whole life as she left her Jewish roots and embraced Catholicism.

We also see through the words of Bishop Fulton Sheen the 'God of the Second Chance'. What this essentially means is that no matter what wrong or even sinful choices we make in life we are not beyond His Mercy, nor are we far from His sight. That leaves us no excuse to continue a wrongful pattern, for God through the Sacraments of the Church restores and makes all things new not for His sake but for ours.

Reflection written by Marie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happiness-The Key

In order to discover what makes us happy we must understand what it is that makes us unhappy.

Our happiness lay in what is predominant in our own thought processes.

Are you thoughts consumed with the past? A past full of mistakes where you have hurt and been hurt in return? A past that we cannot change no matter how much our thoughts linger over particular events that may have grieved us.

Do you with desperation cling to people who may not wish to continue a friendship or relationship and find that no matter how much you reach out to these people it is ultimately rejected and one is left feeling bruised and crushed?

Are your thoughts then consumed with how badly you have been treated as if noone has the right to move on and away from you.

That is not love. It is control.

A good excercise is to examine your thoughts. Does a higher percentage of your thoughts linger on what you are feeling, whether it be good or bad? Do your thoughts circle around your own person in that you have made yourself the centre of your universe? And even if your thoughts dwell on God it is a case of 'what are you doing for me Lord?' Or 'how could you allow this to happen to me God?'

That is not love. It is manipulation.

Do you worry for tomorrow when today has not ended? Are your thoughts consumed with what may happen, rather than dealing with the reality of the present moment?

That is not love. It is lack of trust.

If you wish to know the key to happiness, then let it go.

You are in charge of your own happiness. It is not God's job to make you happy nor is it the task of your family or friends neither can your enemies steal your happiness unless you hand it to them.

Authentic happiness lay in a forgetting of self.

You are in charge of your thoughts. You are responsible for the attitude you take to any given set of circumstance whether they be favourable or adverse.

The key to your happiness is not in God's Hands it is in yours.

"Do not fear what may happen tomorrow. The same loving Father who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and everyday. Either he will shield you from suffering or he will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings." St. Francis de Sales

Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer....Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good. (Romans 12:12 & 21)

Written by Marie


Oh, those days of climbing tree's, and feeling the wind against your face as you kicked your legs and higher in the swing you flew...Will I touch the sky? No fear, just a momentary moment of bliss.

Of dancing in the rain and jumping in muddy puddles, oh the wicked delight of that moment when not caring about the cost of shoes. One jumps for sheer delight.

When reaching home and warm baths and later hot cocoa as you sink into your chair in front of the fire and know that all is well in the world. A peace untainted by experience.

The excitement of facing each day as if it were going to be the best day of one's life. The Joy of the unknowing.

The smell of home cooking as you stay close to the door and wait for the sumptuous feast which will be set before you. In expectation of dessert a thrill for the tastebuds.

The thrill of racing your bike against the wind and feel it sting your face, it's coldness bringing roses in your cheeks. The Joy of laughter in the wind.

Of laying in bed as you wait with anticipation, for tomorrow will be the best day ever! The wonder of trust.

That time between childhood and womanhood when everything is possible. The exultation of hope.

Childhood-- of ladybirds and daffodils, of honeybee's and the smell of rain, of busy ants and butterflies, of sunshine days and eating cherries under the shade of a tree, of best friends and daydreams....

Now I can dance.......In my dreams I can dance....

Written by Marie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dangers of Designer Faith

There have been many instances where I have heard people say that they do not wish to belong to a 'religious organization or Church' they then go on to say, that they are instead 'spiritual people.'

What exactly does that mean?

Is it a case of all truth is truth if it is your truth?

The people that believe themselves 'spiritual' yet do not follow God instead have made themselves 'a god'. This kind of thinking would be like being on a boat without a rudder, you will be blown in every direction except the right direction.

A designer faith is no faith at all.

This kind of designer faith allows a person to follow their 'feelings' and it is these fuzzy wuzzy feelings that have little to do with real spirituality.

We see this 'spirituality shopping' with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, who despite her great wealth and popularity, still remains unhappy and unfulfilled. We have seen Oprah embrace one New Age fad after another only to find there is no spiritual elixir that will fill the empty void within her and at the end of the day you are left alone. There is no 'secret' that can fulfill the emptiness we feel in our souls. That emptiness is there for a reason; it is there for us to reach out to God the Source of Love and of Life.

There is also the case of St. Mary's Church in Queensland which thinks it can design it's own Liturgy in total disregard of Catholic Church Doctrine. Here is their idea of The Sacrament of Baptism:

"We baptise you in the name of the creator, sustainer and liberator of life", adding "who is also father, son and spirit".

The priest then added: "That's good, nice and cool" and invited "everyone to put water on him".

No Fathers, it is not 'cool' it is 'Kool Aid.'

The Catholic Church is in no need of 'hip renegade 'priests' who think they know better than the Catholic Church and are in fact disobedient to the Magisterium.

What happens though when Priests and Religious decide that the Catholic Church and it's Teachings are no longer relevent to our present age?

We have anarchy in the Pulpit.

What happens when it's Parishioners follow these 'hip hop priests' who are in fact performing illegal masses.

We have a falling away of the Faithful.

The role of the Priesthood and Religious are to teach the Truths of the Church as revealed in Holy Doctrine and to be obedient to these very Teachings under the guidance of the Vicar of Christ in whom they are in communion. Priests are not to dissent from the Traditional Teachings of the Church which has been passed down through the generations. The role of the laity is to pray for our Priests, Religious and to learn, obey and defend the Truths of the Church as we give our allegiance to the Vicar of Christ. (Can. 273 Clerics have a special obligation to show reverence and obedience to the Supreme Pontiff and to their own Ordinary.)

To follow one's own idea of 'spirituality' is to follow into folly, for when did man become wiser than God? How can any one person think that they are all knowing and all wise, that they are in fact much smarter than God?

As for those 'priests' who choose to be disobedient to Rome, let me finish by quoting St. Augustine, 'Rome has spoken; the case is closed."

Written by Marie


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Women of Style & Substance-Princess Mary

I always find it rather mystifying when the press build up a person and then take joy in knocking them down. Why do they do it? Or is it that they think they are catering to the reader or perhaps they are trying to cultivate a need for salacious reporting because they lack originality.

Mary Donaldson came from an ordinary family who lived in Tasmania, Australia. Tragedy struck early when Mary lost her beloved mother in 1997 this tragedy only brought the Donaldson family unit closer. Mary moved to Melbourne and began work in the Public Relations field.

Prince Frederick's own childhood was hampered by the fact that his parents believed that children should be seen and not heard. For instance he and his brother only met their parents for a few minutes a day, they even ate seperately from their parents, Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik. A fact which led Frederick on a quest to find a woman who could nurture and support him in his role in life.

What happens next sounds like a Hollywood movie, but this is no cleverly written script, but reality. Mary and a group of friends went to visit a local pub the same night that Prince Frederick was there, the two hit it off, it wasn't until later that Mary found out who 'Fred' was, much to her amazement.

The romance led to marriage and it was a touching moment when Prince Frederick wept as his bride walked down the Church aisle towards him and her new future as the Crown Princess of Denmark.

Princess Mary is a great consort, a woman with her feet on the ground, especially now she is the mother of two children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

In Princess Mary, Denmark has a woman who understands decorum, discretion and dignity. You wont see Mary in skirts up to her thighs or wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. Mary dresses with style and dignity but is also spontaneous to all she meets.

Why then are some elements of the press almost longing for this young woman to fail as a wife, mother and Princess? Surely with so many movie/rock stars willing to bare all and dress immodestly, Mary should be seen as an example of how to live one's life with a set of Principles while she combines her royal duties with motherhood.

I hope that the press rather than try and muddy the waters will accept that Mary is no kiss and tell Princess but a woman of great dignity and courage, who is simply doing the best she can in a lifestyle in which she was not born.

Personally I think she is doing a great job and is a role model for young women and mothers.

Written by Marie

Crown Princess Mary-Australia's Princess

Friday, October 10, 2008

Minute Meditation with Fulton Sheen II

"Faith begins at a point where there is seemingly nothing to get out of it; nor is there any indication that prosperity will follow. Faith begins with a considerable doubt about one's own goodness and power."

Bishop Fulton Sheen



There is an element of self seeking in each of us, that little voice that says 'what's in it for me' or when we do something good we want others to know about it and expect congratulations to follow. Faith is the exact opposite it is the realisation that whatever good we do is not on behalf of God but because God has empowered us and given particular Gifts to each of us individually. It is this Gift flowing from God's Grace that we put into effect when helping others or when we stand for what we believe in the face of persecution. Faith is in essence a spilling out of God's Love through us and towards all we meet. The measure of the Faith we have is the level in which we love.

Reflection written by Marie

I Resign....

I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult.

I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities

of an 8 year old again.

I want to go to Subway and think that it's a four star restaurant

I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and

make ripples with rocks.

I want to think M&M's are better than money because

you can eat them.

I want to lie under a big oak tree and run a lemonade

stand with my friends on a hot summer day.

I want to return to a time when life was simple.

When all you knew were colours, multiplication tables

and nursery rhymes,

but that didn't bother you, because you didn't know what you didn't know and you didnt care.

All you knew was to be happy because you were blissfully unaware of

all the things that should make you worried or upset.

That everyone is good and honest.

I want to believe that anything is possible.

I want to be oblivious to the complexities of life and

be overly excited by the little things.

I don't want my day to consist of computer crashes, mountains of paperwork, depressing news.

I want to believe in the power of a smile, of hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace and dreams.

The imagination, and making angels in the snow, of seeing rainbows, jumping in puddles & dancing in the rain.'s my checkbook and my car keys, my credit cards and all my responsibility.

I have officially resigned from adulthood.

If you want this too then you'll have to catch me first


"Tag! You're it!"


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fiscal Follies-Brother Can You Spare a Billion

I am going to state what seems obvious to me though very few people are talking about it mainly because it is probably politically incorrect.

The mortgage crisis came about because loans were given to minority groups which had no chance of ever being able to pay back the loans.

Why were these loans given out in the first place?

I am against the Wall Street Bail Out and only wish John McCain had voted against it. Sure something had to be done but not this COP OUT which has been given to the greedy CEO's of various banks and finance companies. I believe it was Paulson hysteria that led to much of the rail roading going on in pushing forward this fool hardy scheme where it seems the innocent TAX payer has to bail out the Rich underworked and overpaid CEO's.

It's YOUR money but it is their Crime!

The people who took out these loans when they must have known they could not afford it also need to bear the responsibility of their foolish actions. Why should responsible working Americans have to PAY for the wishful thinking, 'finger crossing' families who behaved irresponsibly.

I wouldn't have the audacity to go to the American people and say 'hey I took out this mortgage when I knew I couldn't pay but now I expect YOU to bail me out, because I deserve it.'

We live in a society that wont wait. A few decades ago only retiree's owned their own homes while newly married couples saved to put large deposits down on their houses. You did not actually OWN your home till you retired.

Now young newly weds want to OWN their own homes with NO deposit in what is once again a 'cross your fingers' let's hope it works out type of family budget which is NO budget at all.

Banks need to be banks and not open handed lollie shops! Banks should never lend money to people who are high risk and who they know cannot afford to pay their mortgage.

At times a little bit of finger pointing is a good thing. This crisis began with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which then had a domino affect on other financial institutes. And blame goes across the table from Carter to Clinton from Bush to the Democrats(Franks-Dodd etc).

Will this Bail Out change the way American's run their banking system, will it fix what is obviously broken? Or is it instead 'putting a finger in a leaky boat in the hope you don't sink?' Will the CEO's need another 4 day junkett if they get 'stressed' again? Heaven forbid that these irresponsbile financial institutes be held accountable for their lousy judgements while they lined their own pockets!

As the world heads towards a recession I have to ask...

What happened to personal responsiblity & accountability?

Written by Marie

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear America

Dear America

As a friend, I can’t help but be very concerned about the direction I see the country heading. 
Are you so desperate for some kind of change that you will throw all reason to the wind? Do you think that by electing Obama, all of your troubles will simply disappear and the world will be somehow more kinder and gentler? Do you think that Obama only has to "talk" to other World leaders and everyone will be friends and work together for the common good?!?! 

Will you put your faith and confidence in a candidate and his running mate who have absolutely no respect and do not value human life? There will be more slaughter of the unborn and more and more erosion of the value and dignity of human life. Obama boasts a 100 percent voting record in opposing pre-born human life. He wanted to keep post partial abortion and was appalled at the decision made by the Supreme Court. Barack also supports infanticide and actually took the Illinois Senate floor to argue that babies who survived abortion attempts do not deserve medical care and instead should be left alone to die!
Why is it that enemies of America love Obama? Here is a Headline from Jihad Watch June 12, 2008; by Egyptian Journo: "Muslims love Obama because he will appease them." America has enemies and they are plotting against you, the CIA, FBI etc tell you that they want to attack again. While Obama raises the white flag in surrender, promising to end the war, he has not looked at the consequences of it. Radical Islamists are raging a war against America and the West and they do not intend to give up if anything Iran is already trying to aquire nuclear weaponry which they will use against their enemies two of whom are Israel and America.
Why is it that Obama’s associates sends chills down my spine. The people one chooses to associate themselves with says a lot about a person. Obama has been linked to so many radicals and home grown terrorist elements, it brings his judgement into serious question.
I find it very hard to believe that Barack Obama sat at the feet of a hate-filled racial bigot and it took twenty years to realize, while running for the highest office in the land, that his minister's teachings, did not reflect his views. Imagine that! If there is ever a clear and present threat, you do not want someone who cannot make a quick and sound judgment. Barack Obama also has a thing for Marxists. He befriends them, listens to their counsel, and he even hires them to work in his campaign.
Why would you want to vote for a candidate who took alot of money from CEO’s that ran Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground? A president that will raise your taxes, cut jobs, say when you can go to the doctor, say if you can be hospitalized. What’s next? Tell you what and when to have dinner?! 
Corruption drains resources, rewards crooks and wreaks havoc on everyone. Why isn’t someone focusing on the fact that Obama chose to forego public funding for his campaign as he originally promised to McCain? Maybe money has been promised from lobbyists that benefit from his huge push for earmarks. Why is the insurance industry so keen to support Obama? There seems to be little concern with his association with the group ACORN who share the blame for your mortgage problems and they are also at the forefront of voter registration fraud on a massive scale. But, the media is silent on this issue.
America is feeling the effects of corruption. The economic troubles cannot be solved from a person and his colleagues who are having their pockets lined with money, taxpayers money and an orator who does not love the free market. He favors socialism, he wants fairness and justice which means taking from those he perceives to have more and giving to those who "deserve" it more. Obama started out early in his campaign attacking big business. Apparently Obama does not know that Big Businesses do not pay taxes. They simply raise their prices. And who loses out in this? The consumer. His economic platform is probably one of the few math problems with no solution, it simply does not add up and balance. Now having a very solid math and economic background, how can 95% of Americans get a tax break, raise business tax, increase government, fund wall street, fund liberal subsidy programs and fund all these promises he has made?!?! Where is he getting all the money to fund all these programs??? I’m still trying to figure this one out, I just cant get the numbers to work but hey I did not take Obanomics 101!
America you need to wake up and take off the blinders. Don’t believe that Obama is going to scream "Peace!!" and the Taliban, Al Qaida and Ahmadinajad are going to turn a new leaf and start planting roses and tulips instead of nuclear weapons?!?! Wake up America! Do you want a pilot who will give you a little bit of a bumpy ride or one who promises the flight of your lifetime and who in fact is going to bring you crashing down? The choice is yours.

A very concerned friend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

How to work through Life's Hot Spots

Keep on walking. A surefire way to get burned is to stop walking. When you are afraid, or under extreme stress, or hurting -- keep going. You will get through if you keep dealing with the everyday tasks at hand to the best of your ability.

!!! Persevere !!!

Remember that this difficult time will pass. It may feel that you are in a repeating time warp, but realize that pain is time-limited. All problems have a beginning and an end.

!!! Be Patient !!!

Make rough times work for you. Not everything is good, but the Bible reminds us that everything can be used for good if you submit your will to God. Look for ways to learn, grow, or cope in your pain or stress.

!!! Have Courage !!!

Take "what is" and make the most of it. Make lemonade from your lemons. You are not called upon to create perfection from every situation, only to make the most of it. Don't waste your time on ceaseless complaining, but look for meaning and joy in all situations.

!!! Be Content !!!

Clean up your own trash. Stand on your own feet and don't try to blame others for your problems. You are not a victim. Choose to live the rest of your life with a controlled response to what is happening.

!!! Take Responsibility !!!

Be true to you. You will have more strength for dealing with ordeals in life if you have the courage to be true to your own values. Hypocrisy destroys internal energy.
!!! Model Integrity !!!

Be gladder than madder. Expressions of gratitude calm the soul and clear the mind.
!!! Show Gratitude !!!

Have as much fun as you can. Anticipation of fun raises the level of your energy. Learn to laugh through your trials.
!!! Display Humor !!!

Determine what is within your control You cannot control what happens to you, but you can choose the frame you put around your experiences. You can choose how you will deal with all situations.
!!! Exhibit Internal Control !!!

Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm literally means, "God in us." If He is in you, let your life so shine. Learn to love life.

!!! Show Your Passion !!!

Lord, I Give This Day To You

Good Morning Lord,
I Love you... So what should I do this day?
I open up my heart to you;
would you just lead my way?
Is there someone I need to see
or something I should do?
I'm willing Lord... just show me
for "I give this day to You"!
I s there a lonely soul out there
who needs someone to care?
I'm willing to reach out to them...
I'm willing... lead me there;
Or is there someone ill today
who needs my Nursing care?
I'm willing Lord, to go to them
If you'll just lead me there!
Or could it be your will for me
is stay at home and pray?
I'm willing Lord... this day is yours
so you just lead my way!
There's nothing more important Lord,
than just to do your will;
Surrender all my heart and soul and
serve you Lord until,
My journey through this land is o'er..
My life on earth has passed;
Then I'll walk through those Pearly Gates,
to be with You at last!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let's Join Together to Pray for LIFE- Hour of Prayer

Archbishop Hart has urged Catholics and all people of goodwill to join with him in an Hour of Prayer this coming Sunday October 5 at 12.15pm at St Patrick's Cathedral East Melbourne to pray for the defeat of the Abortion Law Reform Bill, the archdiocese has announced. 

Archbishop Hart has also declared Sunday October 5 2008 a Day of Intercession for the defeat of the Abortion Law Reform Bill. 

The Abortion Law Reform Bill passed the lower house of the Victorian parliament on September 11 without amendment. It is scheduled for debate in the upper house on Tuesday October 7.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Please Remind Me

A Family Blessing

God bless the Father,

Who teaches with wisdom,

Whose discipline is fair and wise.

God bless the Father,

Whose love enfolds,

And holds his family as one.

God bless the Mother,

Who gives life,

Who nourishes with her faith.

God bless the Mother,

Whose heart is full,

With gentle care,

And the love she shares.

God bless the Children,

Who grow in their footsteps,

Who learn the values and meanings,

Of life and faith.

God bless the Children,

Who learn to love and give,

Who honor and obey,

Their Mother and Father.

God bless the Home,

Which is built with strong foundations,

Filled with the treasures from Heaven.

God bless the Family,

Who lives and grows with God,

With His love and wisdom,

Taught and given with faith.

To be passed down the generations.

God Bless the Family

With God in their hearts,

The Holy Spirit in their souls,

And with Jesus walking beside them.

God Bless our Families.

Amen and Amen