Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayer for Melissa-RIP

Lord at times we do not understand Your Will but we do trust Your Love for us, even when we fail You.

We know your love for Melissa was so great that You as a Loving Father have brought her into Your Majestic Presence.

Though her loving presence will be missed by her family and friends, yet Melissa is now with You and by the side of our Blessed Mother and the Saints in Heaven.

We pray now Lord great Comforter and Consoler of the sorrowful that You in Your great Mercy will comfort and aid her grieving family and friends.

Thankyou Lord for the wonderful gift of Melissa, a unique, extraodinary and loving human being.

Joy she gave and Joy she has received.


Thankyou Kathy and Kimberly for keeping us informed about this dear child of God. God bless you both.