Monday, April 9, 2007


The importance of the written word is a way of reaching the many people who are bored with religion, disillusioned with the Church but are hungry for God. We are living in a climate in which is it difficult to think about God, to pray, to have an interior life. Indeed today it seems that the very air we breathe is not conducive to the spiritual life.

Reading and writing is good for the soul. It makes us reflect more and spend more time in prayer. It makes us more open to those who say that they are bored with religion but want God yet fear they will lose out if they do. They are afraid of letting God into their lives, their everyday living, because they think all the fun will end and life become a bore. The reasons for this state of mind are varied and complex.

We can however say without fear of contradiction that God, the creator of fun and laughter is NOT boring! Life is meant to be lived to the full and without an interior life we are only half-living our lives. God is not an old hat! When we take God for granted we are dead.

These writings are a witness to the Good News and the Gospel of Grace. They are an invitation to rise above our situations and surroundings and live the higher life because that is the life we are born to live. We don’t have to run into a burning building and save a child to be a hero. We only have to be in touch with God dwelling in us.