Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rain Glorious Rain

I am one of those 'weird' people that love the rain. I love it most at night as I lay in bed and hear the rain thud down on our old tin roof, for some reason it fills my heart with peace and a feeling of being blessed. Perhaps it is also from childhood memories of drinking a cup of hot chocolate which our mother had made for us then snuggling under the covers as Mum turned off the light.

Or it could come from the fact that I live in a desolate landscape at times when the rain stops and the land becomes parched. My heart goes out to our farming families as they struggle to make a living in these drought driven days.

A few weeks ago our Bishop asked the citizens of this country to begin to pray for rain. Despite many doubting the power of prayer, including some Priests, still we all joined in praying that this dry parched land would feel the blessing of rain upon its scorched landscape.

Prayer is more powerful than any doubts, it not only comforts us it also restores our belief that God hears our cries and when it is aligned with His Will He will answer them.

In Australia this week our prayers have been answered, it has rained consistantly now for four days straight and more on the way. We need a down pour of many more days in order to fill our dried rivers, creek beds, lakes and Reservoirs.

So this is a reminder that God always hears our prayers and petitions, but answer's them in His time in & in His Way but always for what we need rather than what we want.

I would be most grateful if you all could join in praying that our land will receive the water it needs for our land to flourish and our so our farmers can also make a decent living.

Thankyou kindly.

'when it's a glorious day

I pray


it's a glorious day

when I pray.'

Yours in Christ,