Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Ultimate Motherly Act

This makes chilling reading when a journalist Ms Moran attempts to 'reason' that having an abortion is nothing more than getting rid of a problem. Her irrational attempts to suggest that in order to have a better society it would be best to murder the most vulnerable should leave everyone shuddering at her mind set.

Here is just an except from the site 'Catholic Culture'.

"Journalist Miranda Sawyer had made a television documentary in which she recounted her own personal journey from viewing a fetus "just as a group of cells" to understanding what it really is. "When you’ve experienced…pregnancy and birth, and the fantastic beauty of the resulting child," said Sawyer, "it’s hard not to question what a termination does, or is." In contrast, Moran claims that her own experience, after having two children, was just the opposite: she became less conflicted about abortion, and gladly chose to terminate her next pregnancy."

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