Monday, May 5, 2008

Blogs Behaving Badly VS Virtuous Blogging

When we place Catholic symbols on our blogs we are then obligated to write what the Catholic Church Teaches which may differ from your own private thoughts and wishes. If you write a different doctrine other than the Teachings of the Catholic Church then what exactly is the reason you have emphasised your blog as Catholic?

As Catholic bloggers we have a responsibility to proclaim the Church's Truth as it is and not what we 'think' it should be.

We sometimes think because we are writing in 'cyber space' that somehow God is not listening or watching therefore we are not accountable for what we write or espouse. Yes, we are indeed responsible and yes indeed, God will hold us accountable for every word we type.

Do we think God is a technophobe?

There is also the case that some blogs fall in with the fallacy that many comments equals quality, no it doesn't. If your writing deviates away from the what the Catholic Church Teaches then it is yourself you believe in and not the Catholic Church. Vanity and pride also play a part as some try and make their blogs more 'withit' while giving no thought that they may, in fact, be a cause for scandal.

Yet a failure to speak out when another is in error is not an act of Virtue, for if we fail to speak The Truth what has kept us silent?

Two of the Virtues we must practice is Prudence and Temperance.

If you visit a blog which is behaving badly do you join in the slug fest? Or with prudence do you understand the motivating force behind the written text? Once you have understood what is motivating the writer surely temperance is needed to speak the Truth and then with prayer leave things in God's Hands.

We can disagree with each other without becoming disagreeable and when it comes to our Faith we can at times become heated when defending it.

God can withstand an article which may be incorrect. God does not need your harsh words, instead temper your reasonings to God's Holy Truth and once again, learn when to walk away.

Choose your battles wisely.

Our time is precious and should be spent to give all honour and joy to God and God alone. This also needs discernment, where can you best serve God? None of us are super heroes. We instead are called to be servants to one another whether that be in making sure your family duties have been fulfilled or working in your community towards the betterment of those on the margins of society.

The key, is to do all your tasks with love.

We all have different talents and gifts what we must not do is bury them or leave them dormant.
Some have a talent for encouraging others to become better people and to be better disciples. If these encouragers go silent, then what will be heard, the raucous noise of the dissenters?

Others have a talent for standing up for what they believe, if they go silent once again who will reign, those who misrespresent our Faith?

Let us remember the Early Church Fathers did not go to their deaths silent. Our Sainted Martyrs also did not go silently to their deaths but instead proclaimed God's Glory to the last. Will you do less?

"At the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." (Martin Luther King Jnr.)

Written by Marie

PS: Thankyou Esther for inspiring this post from the piece you wrote on Virtuous blogging. You are indeed a Virtuous blogger and I enjoy reading your blog enormously. God bless you.