Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Feast of Corpus Christi

The Feast of Corpus Christi reminds us that we possess an immense treasure. When a Catholic priest takes a little piece of unleavened bread and repeats the words that Jesus spoke at the Last Supper, "This is my body", and when he takes a small of amount of wine in a chalice and says, "This is my blood", the bread is no longer bread and the wine is no longer wine.

At every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we participate in a marvelous miracle, the miracle called Transubstantiation. Transubstantiation cannot be proved through scientific experimentation.

Transubstantiation belongs to the reality of faith. Faith does not contradict reason. Instead, the gift of faith that we receive at Baptism, gives us a superior vision.

Transubstantiation means "change of substance", or "change of reality." When the priest repeats the words that Jesus spoke at the Last Supper, the bread is no longer bread, and the wine is no longer wine. Instead, the entire substance of the bread and the entire substance of the wine have been changed into the substance of The Body and Blood of Christ. Transubstantiation occurs only by the power of God, and in a way that we cannot empirically detect. We know that transubstantiation takes place through the certainty of faith.

Jesus, the Son of God; Jesus the Messiah; Jesus the Lord and Savior of the universe said: "This is my body"; "This is my blood". Faith is a vision superior to reason, but it does not contradict reason, precisely because faith relies upon the authority of God who does not deceive, nor can be deceived. Jesus is the truth and thus is incapable of lying.

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I thought I would share this video on a Miracle of the Eucharist that happened in Betania, Venezuela on December 7th, 1991. This is absolutely amazing and having seen this Host at Los Teques, where it is kept several times, I got a renewed appreciation for the REAL presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. I'm not saying that one needs to see a miracle such as this to believe but its so amazing, awesome, incredible, humbling, really cannot put it into words, to know that our God makes Himself present before us, and through the eyes of FAITH we know HE is really there.