Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Looking For Love In The Wrong Places

Many people in today’s world are seeking validation in all the wrong places and in the wrong people. In that in order to feel good about themselves they rely on another’s opinion, this leads to a roller coaster ride of insecurities.

We see in the world around us, how many people fall into the trap of making the outside look perfect whilst ignoring the inner soul. Even in this consumer society, just how many face lifts, botox treatments and divorces do people need in order to gain some sense of security?

Many reach this predicament because they have forgotten what love is, for sincere love is selfless, it longs to give rather than receive. True love seeks not after its own gratification, but instead it seeks to enrich those who have most need of it. Most especially those in the margins of life, who feel unloved, unwanted and who feel the chill of knowing they are special to noone.

God loves us without need of a receipt.

God does not love us because we have made efforts to deserve it, He loves us because we need Him. Therefore the Triune Spirit endeavours to give each soul the Gifts it needs in order to teach the soul how to Love with Christlike compassion and mercy. But, this Christlike Love is not what we share with our family and friends. This love calls us out into the desert. It calls us to go beyond our bounderies and limitations to risk ourselves, for loves sake alone.

God's Love is a Radical Love.

It is when we place our happiness in the hands of another that we are doomed to a life of inner unhappiness, in that it is beyond man's ability to provide the inner joy and peace that many seek. This inner peace and joy can only be found in Christ, and through the Holy Spirit our souls are illuminated to the fullness and meaningfulness of the essence of Divine Love which ignites the heart and sets itself aflame.

God calls the broken hearted for only He alone can heal that which man has torn asunder.

Love is risky. Love hurts. Love scorches our souls till we cry out in anguish and loss..and then we understand..Love Sacrificed Himself so we could live Eternally with Divine Love.

Written by Marie