Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God Made The Night

God Made The Night ...

But He could not have known about those of us

who waited for the dark

To feel the first moments of privacy we had known all day,

Or to use that black secrecy to mutter curses at the day's faults.

He Also Fashioned The Sun ...

And choreographed the ballet called sunset;

But He didn't anticipate the agony that spectacle would create

Among those of us who counted the day past a loss

For it brought them not one step nearer the goals sought.

When He Breathed Out The Worlds Music ...

He planned joy,

But again we fail Him when we wince,

And fight tears, and denounce the beauty of it

Only because there is no beauty in the music of our souls.

God Planted Love Here ...

And it grows

Where hate had flourished

Or where it is scarcely recognized.

He planned on using it like a band-aid on the hurts of the heart.

But it won't stick on some of us,

Or it washes with salt tears,

Or we claim not to need it's protection.

Isn't it a marvel He doesn't despair of us ?