Thursday, March 13, 2008

Talents & Gifts

Sometimes we focus more on what we cannot do which then fills us with frustration. We look at those around us and can't understand why we also are not as gifted and talented as others.

When we do this we are saying in our hearts that God has not done a very good job, that in fact He has failed us. Many spend so much time in looking at the abilities of others that they fail to see their own uniqueness and individuality.

We all live in this wondrous universe not from Divine mistake but by Divine Design. We are all meant to bring something to the table, not to make sure that our own desires are met, or that we have our fill, but to give something of ourselves to benefit others.

God has given each one of us Gifts and Talents, He has done so not because He wants us to become puffed up with pride but in order to bring Glory to Himself.

Rather than allow one's heart to become frustrated or anxious, instead learn to appreciate the Gifts and different qualities of others.

If you view a painting is your heart full of disappointment? Or do you look at the painting and appreciate the work that went into it and that through another's talent you are able to see this thing of exquisite beauty?

Let's face it, can you make a daffodil out of thin air? Can you make a butterfly with its translucent coloured gossamer wings? Can you bring anyone a sunset so ablaze with vibrant colour that one stands in Awe of such magnificence?

Once we realise that nothing is ours and all is Gift we also realise that to envy another is to envy God Himself.

You are unique, valuable, gifted, generous. There is noone on this planet who is like you. You are one of a kind. This is something to celebrate, so celebrate! Be joyous and realise that yes! It is good to be alive.

Learn to appreciate and be thankful for who you are and what God has given you.

Written by Marie