Monday, June 30, 2008

Forever Mercy

The earthly things I think will last just crumble and decay.
They break and cease to function as they slowly rot away.

Relationships that seem so strong and destined to endure,
Soon fade away to nothingness, without a hope of cure.

But only God’s great mercy will withstand the test of time.
It guides me and upholds me as I feel His love sublime.

I sin and need forgiveness, and I go to Him in prayer.
He gives me strength and comfort, and His mercy’s always there.

When life seems overwhelming, and I don’t know where to turn,
His mercy calms my fears, and gives the peace for which I yearn.

When each day is a struggle, filled with sickness and despair,
I’m strengthened by His mercy, as I cast on Him my care.

I praise Him for His mercy that comes fresh and new each day,
Surrounding and sustaining me as close by Him I stay.