Friday, June 6, 2008

My Prayer

Let me walk in patience, Lord,
For you to open a door
To a new way of life, if You please
For what is past is no more.

Help me, Lord, only to see
That You give to me each day
Things you know will make me
Stronger along life's way.

Help me to accept life
And each little event
As blessings for me, Lord,
That you have sent.

Let me look at trouble
As a blessing in disguise.
Help me see in loneliness
Your strength which beneath lies.

Help me see the joys
Intermingled with the tears.
Give me undaunted courage
To face the future years.

Let me know the perfect love
That You so willingly give.
For others and You, Lord,
Help me so to live.

Thank You for the past, Lord,
And let me not forget
That You gave the past to me
To make me stronger yet.