Sunday, August 31, 2008

Priestly Misconduct-Common Sense Needed!

Once again we are faced with a Priest who is being accused of sexual misconduct by various people. It is indeed a grave thing to abuse a position of trust and authority and in the past the Catholic Church had failed it's Parishioners.

The Catholic Church has learnt from it's past mistakes and are now tackling this very sensitive issue with diplomacy and the law.

But there also comes to a time for people to use their common sense and not always play the 'perpetual victim card.'

If you write to Cardinal Pell and inform him of a Priests misconduct and he replies the very next day for you to report the matter to the police as well as seek help and support from the 'Towards Healing' run by Ms. Cain which deals with victims of Priestly misconduct and you ignore Cardinal Pells advice what is he supposed to do? Make a citizens arrest?!

Not only did Cardinal Pell encourage the young lady in question he also informed her that he, himself would contact Ms. Cain if the plaintiff failed to do so in order to allow Ms. Cain to help this particular woman.

What more can Cardinal Pell do?

Arcbishop Philip Wilson is now investigating the matter though he was not the Archbishop who ordained this particular Priest, that was Archbishop Faulkner's responsibility. Archbishop Faulkner is now retired.

If you have faced misconduct by a Priest, then yes report it to Church authorities but also take the role of empowerment and make a complaint to the police, yourself.

If a Priest behaves inappropriately towards your person in a way that is offensive, then report him to your local Archbishop. After that make a statement to the Police, seek help from organizations that have been put in place to help heal the wound inflicted by those Priests who have abused their power.

Always there comes a time when common sense and personal responsibility plays a part. If a Priest has behaved in a sexual manner towards your person on several occasions and you are not under age and have the ability to say 'no'. Then why didn't you simply say 'no' and remove yourself from the said Priests proximity?

I abhor all Priests who use their positions in this revolting manner and if the allegations are true then the retired Archbishop Faulkner has some questions to answer and should be held accountable for his decision to Ordain this Priest if he knew of the allegations beforehand.

It is past time for common sense to come into play because I fail to understand why a person who is being abused continues to see their abuser on a regular basis?

Report all misconduct to the police. Let the law come into play and start being pro-active and not the 'victim.'

I support our Priests who faithfully serve the Catholic Church and it's people. I also support our Cardinals who also serve the Church and its people. I am sure it must pain them greviously when one of their own abuses their position of trust.
Written by Marie