Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meditation with Catherine Doherty I

"His call is revolutionary, there is no denying it. If we Christians implemented it, it would change the world in a few months. The gospel is radical, and Christ indeed is the radix, the root from which spring all things. His commandments mean risk, great risk. They imply a lack of that security to which most men cling so tightly."



Do we really know Christ or have we packaged Him to suit our image of what He should be? When we follow an image of Christ we fail to see the radical message He left us to embrace. To love without thought of self to give without asking the cost and to love fearlessly with an intensity that scorches our souls without burning it.

Many of us have created a 'comfortable Christ' who must change to suit us rather than have Christ change us to reflect Him. We do not wish to be changed we have become like the friends of Job all to willing to speak FOR God without ever knowing Him.

Are we comfortable with the Christ who called the Pharisees hypocrites and vipers and upended the money tables? Do we recognise the Pharisee within ourselves that merely 'mouths' their faith without teeth. Are we willing to upset the status quo or do we choose instead to follow the crowd in order to be 'agreeable' to just about everyone. Was Christ ever agreeable to the Pharisees? Or did our Lord speak the unvarnished Truth to these men chained by the law rather than embrace the radical love that Jesus was bringing to the world.

Are you a comfortable Christian? Or are you willing to risk all in order to gain everything.

Reflection written by Marie