Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meditation with Catherine Doherty III

"How could you be afraid of anything but sin? Sin alone has the power to bring real death. It, but nothing else, has to be feared with a great fear."



Much of the worlds problems we face today is due to the fact that we have become either a fearless people or a foolish people, for we no longer fear sin. If anything the word sin has almost been struck from the English language.

Think about it when was the last time your Priest, or Pastor spoke of the dangers to your immortal soul if you are living a sinful lifestyle or harbouring heretical thoughts which are in direct opposition to The Teachings of The Catholic Church?

We fear a loss of worldly goods over and above any mortal sin which may seperate our souls from God for good through our own sinful choices.

God does not move. We do.

We must ask ourselves where have we placed our Treasure? In the loving Hands of our loving Heavenly Father thereby securing our eternal Salvation or a financial institute which will keep us in the temporal luxuries we think we have earned.

So many of us care more about our bodily comfort than our souls end.

In the end are we a foolish people or a fearless people? What do YOU think?

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