Friday, November 28, 2008

Miracle of the Rosary-A Personal Story

When my mother was dying of cancer she would spend hours laying in her bed staring in rapture at a picture of Our Lady. It was a normal picture of our Lady and I could not understand what my mother stared at with such intensity and adoration.

Oneday I decided to go in and ask her, why she continued to stare with such love at a mere picture? Her response was to smile at me and say, 'oh but if you only knew her, how beautiful she is, how beautiful...' I again looked at the painting and could not see what my mother was seeing.

Every night before my mother went to sleep she would always wrap her Rosary around her hand. Until one night when she could not find her Rosary, my mother was most upset as my father and I upended her bedside table. We emptied out the draws, no Rosary. I looked into my mothers pillow case still no Rosary, I also felt around her body in the bed and again no Rosary. Finally I got a torch and on my hands and knees I looked under her bed only to be disappointed, no Rosary.

My mothers Rosary seemed to have disappeared!

I offered my mother my own Rosary but my mother said no, she wanted her own, so with a sad smile we retired for the night. I lay awake for a long while because I knew what a comfort the Rosary was for my mother and then when I could hear her sleeping I also went to sleep.

The next morning I was awoken very early as my mother yelled for me. Thinking she was in immense pain I jumped up and ran into her room only to find my mother sitting up and holding out her hand. Wrapped around my mothers hand was her Rosary...The Rosary that neither my father or myself could find only the night before.

My mother then looked at the picture of Our Lady and said, 'oh, I knew you would find it for me... beautiful Lady, thankyou.'

Months later when my mother lay in hospital dying I made sure her Rosary was wrapped around her hand.

And again...

Thankyou beautiful Lady, thankyou.

Written by Marie