Saturday, November 1, 2008

SELFish Voting Or SelfLESS voting

As Americans prepare to enter the ballot box they need to ask the question am I voting for selfish reasons or selfless reasons? In other words is it a case of ME first in a ME first generation.

We live in a time where the question is not "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Instead the mantra of today is 'what's in it for me.'

Before you vote ask yourself which candidate will be the one who will do their best to protect the most vulnerable citizens in America, the unborn?

Is it Senator John McCain who is Pro-Life or Senator Obama who is Pro-Death?

Then ask the next question who is the most qualified to protect American security within your own borders and overseas?

Is it Senator McCain who believes in Military strength to defeat your enemies or is it Senator Obama who wishes to cut military spending at a time of war?

The next question to ask is this, what happens if a vacancy were to occur and a new Supreme Court Judge needed to be nominated. Who would be most likely to appoint a Pro-Life Surpreme Court Judge?

Would it be Senator McCain who is Pro-Life or Senator Obama who is Pro-Abortion?

When it comes to the economy ask yourself who has fought against big spending Government and who promises to stop the fiscal policies that have devastated the Amerian economy?

Will it be Senator John McCain who has spent his entire career trying to stop pork barrel spending or Senator Obama who spent nearly one BILLION dollars in his 3 short Senatorial years?

As for character ask yourself which man has been tested during his life time and during that test embraced and believes that America is a Great Nation?

Is it Senator McCain who gave his blood, sweat and tears in defense of America and it's freedoms or Senator Obama, who thinks America isn't great yet?

Voting is important and so are the reasons for your vote. The worst thing a voter can do is to think in terms of 'who is going to look after my own self interests, who is going to give me MORE.'

Before you cast your vote ask yourself 'am I voting in the interest of my country or in SELF interest?'
Written by Marie