Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Reflection with St. Therese of Lisieux

"Since it had been necessary for Christ to suffer so that he would enter through that into glory, you must also drink from his same chalice if you want to have a place at his side."


Many times when I have spoken to people who are suffering in one form or another and they are complaining that God is punishing them. My first question to them is this; what have you been praying for? There answer is always "to be closer to God."

I then ask them if they know how this is achieved and they have different responses, some say through prayer, attending daily Mass, praying the Rosary three times a day and the list goes on. No one mentions suffering.

When I tell them that the only way to become closer to God is through the Cross which means suffering they look at me askance.

Do we really believe that we are so holy, so pure that God does not need to purify and discipline us?

Do we believe that we can legally murder the unborn, euthanize the ill and elderly, legalize prostitution and narcotics(in some countries) and demand that homosexual couples marry in the name of civil rights and think that God is not going to call an accounting?

We are living in the days of a new Sodom and Gomorrah and just like the people of those towns we think there will be no reckoning for the continued abuses of society. And so we dance and make merry with no thought for tomorrow.

God calls us to make reparation for all the evils that are now taking place in the world, but are we ready for it?

Are YOU ready?

Are you ready to suffer for those who spit in God's face? Who ignore His Commandments? For people who on one day can march to save the Whales (& other wildlife) and the next day march to kill the unborn?

The only way to Christ is through the Cross. There are no short cuts.

Are YOU ready to answer God's call?

Reflection Written by Marie