Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I've Learned...

A tree can look beautiful, have lovely spreading branches but be hollow and rotten on the inside.

Delinquency and bad behavior are rewarded.

Get a child hooked and you have a customer for life. Get the children to believe what you want them to believe and they will support any and everything you put forward.

If I’m against rap music, I’m racist. If I’m against abortion, I’m anti-woman and not progressive. If I don’t support President Obama, I’m not for change, racist and can’t see outside the box.

Gone are the good old days of living within ones means, working hard for what one wants to accomplish and taking the moral highroad. Here are the days of entitlement.

I don’t need to take responsibility for anything I do. Why take responsibility when I can blame someone else.

Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing, less is more. Sometimes the body needs medication and sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing and let the body cleanse itself.

Change does not start from the bottom or the top, it starts on the inside.

DO as I say but not as I DO.

People don’t understand what freedom really is. If my freedom infringes on another’s is that freedom?

Greed and irresponsibility are the root cause of many of our problems.

Getting everything you want is not always a good thing.

When you play with the devil you are playing with fire and you are going to smell like smoke.

The law is always on the side of the criminals.

The people in charge are clueless.

We treat the addict with disgust but what about the pushers and the suppliers?

Peter does indeed pay for Paul.