Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Person to Person

There once was a time.....
When I could call a business by phone.
Today it's a waiting game,
While I burn to the bone.

Why am I upset?
Why such a fuss?
I've simply had it with:
"Your call is important to us".

And there's that other phrase,
Just as sure to peeve.
"Your call will be answered..
In the order received".

But the worst by far is the 5 menu option,
Leading to 5 more.
Now I'm really getting mad,
Right to the core.

By the time I reach option 5
I 've forgotten 1 thru 4.
And in total disgust
Go through it once more.

Finally I'm there,
I've waded through it all.
When horror of horrors,
I'm given a new number to call!

Well, that's progress,
Or so they say.
But I'll take person to person,
Any day.