Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Not Fair God

Is God fair? Not by worldly standards. If God were to follow the worldly order of things, then those who go to Mass everyday, those who eat fish on Fridays and follow to the utmost degree the dictates of their beliefs should get a free ticket into Heaven, right? Wrong!

Faith is not a contest. It isnt a race where there are winners and losers. Most can remember the numerous Gold Medals won by the American athlete Carl Lewis or the numerous Olympic medals won by Susie O'Neill who was given the nickname 'Madame Butterfly' for her efforts in the pool. But who remembers who came last?

The world applauds winners while God shows Mercy to sinners. We are not sent to jail when we have confessed our wrong doing. No, we are forgiven.

This grates on a lot of people who do follow their beliefs to live a Godly life. Why then does God favour the 'Johnny-come-lately' who have led dissolute lives and then at the last minute they seek God's forgiveness? It isn't fair.

God favours the loser in us all, if He didnt we would all be lost for who can measure themselves against the Triune Spirit? Who can equal God?

Our God is a God of the second chance. He is the God who favours the least amongst us. A God who chases the lost soul when all have given up. God stays the course when we have walked away, why? Because God Loves.

Picture God's love as all the oceans and the sea's combined and then see your love as a tear drop, does it bear comparison?

When we look at the Prodigal son, we all feel a little sorry for the one who stayed with his father while the wastrel son spent his fortune on wine, women and song. Yet, the father rejoiced at his son's return. What of the elder son were not his criticism of his younger brother truthful? The elder son was looking for fairness and found his father unfair.

Are we so perfect that we can say to God, 'just give us one chance. We will get it right the first time?' If you can say this then you have made yourself greater than any Saint in Heaven, for every Saint in Heaven believed and was saved by the God of the second chance.