Sunday, January 27, 2008

When Faith Stands On Shifting Sands

What does being a Catholic mean?

I can tell you what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean we must make sure we have gained every material advantage for ourselves and our families.

We think if we gain many 'things' then we are a success, but what price was paid for a gaining of these material luxuries?

Were we born so that we could fill our homes with plamsa TV screens, computers and all the latest gadgets and gizmo's? Is our faith all about making sure we have saved enough money to educate our children in the finest universities so they may become materially wealthy?

And when these youths graduate do parents then allow them to behave wildly and party before settling down to more 'serious' things, like earning lots of money? Would it not be better to send these young men and women to work with the Missionaries of Charity or other Catholic Charities? So that our youth will understand that life is not about getting the best, but of giving the best of yourselves to another in need?

Did God create us to live in a corporate world?

A world of steel and concrete. A glass prison where our souls are enchained, as we walk the corporate treadmill in a mad race to be the best and the brightest, at what exactly?

And for those on the opposite end of the financial spectrum who cannot afford to send their children to the finest universities. Who are your childrens teachers? Drug Lords and Gang leaders?

Our youth are becoming emotional vacuums where the currency is not serving others but serving self.

We admire and revere our Saints without understanding that we are today's Saints.

Marriage does not preclude one from Sainthood, St. Gianna Molla is one example another is Louis and Zelie Martin, who raised a Saint, their daughter Therese.

We were not created to live comfortable lives of suburban bliss or corporate power. And once we reach a certain age we can then retire and live comfortably off our assets. Is that what faith is, to make sure that our own interests are served first?

We were born powerful, we were born to speak The Truth without compromise, we were born for greatness.

You are a child of God, a witness to The Truth in an age of untruths.

We must make sure we remain true to The Catholic Churches Teachings but we cannot do this if we live our faith in such a way that we become too frightened to speak God's Truth. We become essentially agreeable to all faiths.

Is it a case that your faith may not be my faith so let us honour your faith lest mine cause offense?

The devil is in the detail and the detail here is when we compromise our beliefs so as to be seen as open minded and inclusive.

In order to be courageous and speak God's Truth unflinchingly we must understand that we are not placed on this earth to be amenable to every pervading fad or thought. As Christians we must not be fainthearted but instead to stand on Truth alone, lest we find ourselves living...a lie.

Written by Marie