Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sincere Spirituality

Many people in today’s world are seeking validation in all the wrong places and in the wrong people. This happens when we rely on another's opinion to validate who we are. This then leads to a roller coaster spirituality of great heights and even greater low's.

Whereas, with God He loves us where we are and who we are. Despite the fact that we do not deserve such an Awesome love, still it is God who loves the unlovable, for there is no one on earth who equals God's Goodness and Purity.

This does not mean that God leaves us where we are. No! With our cooperation God seeks to transform us into His Divine image, a reflection of Christ Himself.

Sincere spirituality has nothing to do with 'feeling good.' There is an entire industry dedicated to do just this but in a superficial manner. You cannot fix the outside while neglecting the soul, though your outer self may shine, it shines as does tinsel but tinsel is not gold.

It is when we think that the only thing that will improve us is a better body, a better home or a better job. This is where we stumble and miss out on the most integral aspect of personal happiness. Joy springs from within, and not without.

This spirit of joy cannot be found in self improvement courses or books, for joy has its origins from the indwelling Spirit. This inner joy and peace is that which Christ promised us and is there for all if they seek it with all their hearts and souls. One begins with a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude to God not for what He has given us, but for who He is.

In order to maintain a healthy spirituality one needs to practice prayer.

Prayer requires discipline. In order to hear the still small voice of God we need quiet times of reflection and intercession, and in a busy world this is not easy. There must also be an understanding that prayer is not an emptying of one's mind, but of focussing one's mind and recognising the Presence of God within the soul. To be still in the Presense of The Divine.

It is when we open our hearts to a loving and forgiving Father that we find our true worth. God transforms our souls into living reflections of His Beloved Son. This is where we find our peace, that peace which Christ speaks of, which the world cannot provide. No matter how alluring the outside package may look for without that inner joy, one becomes a plastic image of the Divine.

The key to peace lay not in the outside world but in the inner sanctum of the soul...Do YOU feel this peace?