Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spread The Love Award

Cathy over at 'bit of blarney' has very kindly given us the 'Spread the Love Award.' Thankyou Cathy, both Ginny and I are honoured to receive this lovely award.

It is so difficult to choose only a few blogs when there are so many out there who do such a good job of sharing our wonderful faith.

So here is my selection, though I do believe ALL on our blog roll deserve this Award.

Teresa Anawim and her blog 'To Love & To Pray.' I am so glad to see Teresa back blogging again. I love reading her gentle yet challenging reflections.

Easter over at 'Mostly Prayers.' I love Easters wonderful sense of joy and exuberance but also her compassion towards all.

John and his blog 'Catholic Rights.' I consider John a soldier of the Faith, he goes where angels fear to tread, but he is always on the right track.

Philip and his blog, 'Carpe-Canum.' This is a wonderful blog with a mix of the serious and the absurd, love it.

Marilena & Shirley over at 'Divine Mercy blog.' Right now they are spreading the message of the Little Way but I love their enthusiam and love for our wonderful faith.

Esther and her blog 'hi Catholic Mom.' How could I not include my dear friend Esther. I love her blog and how she promotes virtuous living in a world which needs to hear that message.

Lisa and her blog 'Episcopollyanna.' I always come away from Lisa's blog feeling uplifted and informed. I love her blog.

Once again thankyou Cathy for this Award. I hope we can all spread a little kindness across the internet.

Peace & blessings to all.

Marie & Ginny