Friday, January 16, 2009

I Hate Nigella! Meow!

There is nothing more venomous than a woman at a keyboard with malice in her heart and envy at her fingertips.

What is it about Nigella Lawson that brings out the Meow in many women?

It totally baffles me especially after reading a rather nasty piece on her written by Jan Moir. Who is Jan Moir? I don't think anybody knows and perhaps that is her main angst.

To quote from her vitriolic piece, "There is also the patronizing assumption that we are too thick or lazy to make something as simple as butterscotch,"*raises my hand* I haven't got a clue how to make butterscotch.

There is an entire generation out there who have no idea how to cook, including myself. Many were raised in households where both parents worked and so teaching your daughter how to cook went out the door along with the stove.

Now I agree with the author in that Nigella's pout does tend to weary one, but hate her? Why? Unless ofcourse you spy your husband drooling over her and not the actual food.

Let's face it, cooking shows these days are pure entertainment. Do we really believe that Jeffrey is going to forget his and Ina's (Garten) wedding anniversary? Not likely when he has a camera crew following his every step. Is it 'real' ofcourse not but it is entertaining.

I would prefer to watch Nigella or Ina Garten(Barefoot Contessa) anyday over the likes of the mother of all bullies Gordon *bleeping* Ramsay. A man who takes great delight in humiliating his staff and cheating on his wife!

Trust me if I had to work alongside Gordon Ramsay he'd be wearing a frying pan for a hat by the end of the day!

So sheath your claws ladies, end your pain and turn the channel. It is that easy.

Who would you prefer to watch Nigella or Gordon?

Written by Marie