Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The World At My Doorstep

I peered out my window. I could see it waiting for me; watching me. I just couldn’t go out. For there, outside, was the world at my doorstep.

How could I venture out? It was so dark. The faces that I could make out in the darkness were angry and hostile. I just couldn’t go out there.

My master saw my struggle and He said to me, “You won’t go out because you can’t see through my eyes.” He took my eyes and gave me His. Then He said, “Look now”. I looked out the window. For the first time I no longer saw anger, but rather the pain and the suffering on the faces outside my door.

My master said, “You won’t help them because you don’t have my hands.” He took my hands and gave me His. Then He said, “Go.” For the first time, I opened my door and greeted the world at my doorstep.

I saw the pain and suffering. I reached out with newfound desire to help this darkened and needy world, but I was soon discouraged. I just couldn’t go on.

I returned to my door and went inside. It was light and felt safe and warm. My master said, “There is one more thing I must give you…my heart. Now go and meet the world at your doorstep. See them through my eyes, touch them with my hands, but most of all…love them with my heart.”

I opened the door and boldly went out to the world at my doorstep.