Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Letter From Jesus

I write this letter to enlighten my little ones through the Holy Spirit. Who, with groans speaks what your own soul cannot convey in words.

I ask one thing of my little one's, and that is to love God above all other things. This includes putting aside that which distracts you from this calling.

There is also one thing you need to understand, and that is I have won the Victory against that treacherous serpent known as Lucifer. Therefore the victory is also yours.

Though the devil tempts you to do evil, I have equipped you all with the right weaponry to use against the foe of my children. That weapon is participation of the Sacraments and prayer.

My Father in Heaven longs to hear from His beloved children, but, sadly little one's, often times His Holy Name has become a profanity! This offends the Creator of all things. Stop it!

In order to know Me you must read the Scriptures and meditate on it's meaning as it pertains to your life through the guidance of the Catholic Church.

The devil likes nothing better than to confuse and accuse my little one's pay no heed to his malicious nonsense. Remember I comfort those who are sorrowful, and those who have led upright lives. It is always the devil who accuses my little one's unjustly. It is The Holy Spirit who comforts the stricken and remorseful.

I know that though you long to do good often times you fall short so it is vital that you make a full and sincere confession through the Sacraments of My Church. Do not fall into despair am I not Merciful to my little ones?

It is your responsibility my little ones to stand against the great sins of this world one of which is the slaughter of the innocents. This tears My Heart asunder and arouses My Fathers Justice, speak up now against this most grievous of sins.

Remember to not judge one another, or count yourself more than who you are, for are you not all sinners who fall short of My Glory? So who among you can say he is the greatest?

Your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, honour and respect your bodies and do the work of God for which you have been commissioned since the beginning.

Always be modest in your dress and in your words, remember My Father is listening and He see's all.

If you wish to follow Me remember I did not accommodate the worldly I accused them. I was Crucified for Your sake and for speaking the Truth will you live with a lie?

I had no place to lay my head, why do you seek the comforts of the world when I have given you everything?

Be careful of what comes out of your mouth for from the heart either holiness or corruption is revealed. You will be held accountable for every word you speak. Therefore speak wisely.

Think humbly of yourself for whatever you have achieved was given as Gift from Me.

Do not bicker among yourselves or envy each other, do I make mistakes? Why then do you covet your neighbors goods?

Remember love comes at a cost, I paid it in full, why then do you short change me by ignoring My Commandments?

Lastly remember love one another as I have loved you. For when I see you face to face, my question will be, did you love till it cost, because I did!

with Love,

Jesus (PS: Keep in touch I miss you.)

Written by Marie