Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Loving God-Loving The Least

Often times we think we love God to our utmost being, but do we? During Lent I have read where many have decided to abstain from their favourite foods or beverages, which is a good thing, but it doesnt affect God one iota.

Did Jesus die to teach us to go without sugar or cream?

To try and at least see God through a thick fog of incomprehension we must recognise His Majesty.

This is a God who Created the Heavens above, galaxy upon galaxy both seen and unseen by man's limited eye. A God who Created all things on this earth which we all take for granted. The sun rises because God Wills it. The moon shines its pearly whiteness against the blackened sky because God ordered it's design.

A butterfly floats past, it's gossamer wings spread in all its colourful glory as it moves with the breeze, and we barely see it. The ants which seem to run in a scurrying hurry with no particular purpose as they run from one place to another and we step on them.

A baby's scream pierces the air as the Doctor brings it forth from its mothers womb, and both mother and father weep as they behold their beloved and longed for child.

A mother screams in anguish as she holds the body of her malnourished child as the child breathes it's last, in a world grown indifferent from the suffering of others.

It is 4PM and the air is charged with expectation as parents wait, every now and again they will surreptitiously look at the clock on the wall. Will today be different? Will today be THE day? By 6PM they no longer look at the clock as with bowed heads and heavy hearts they realise they are the forgotten one's.

To love God is to love the least amongst us.

Our love for God is measured by how we care for the forgotten and unloved amidst our own communities.

Are we indifferent to Christ's Passion?

We can spend copious hours in prayer contemplating Christ's Passion whilst ignoring the passion of those who have been forgotten or rejected by society.

Prayer is not about getting it IS about giving. Prayer should compassionate our hearts, soften our rugged harsh edges till we in our own dark abyss understand, WE are the poor for our love is limited.

We shake our heads at the heartlesness of the world around us. We see the suffering in Darfur or Rwanda feel pity for those poor people. But is our hearts rent asunder?

We go about our daily business as baby upon baby are torn from their mothers womb and tossed in the incinerator. Their unheard screams reach Heaven, 'how long Lord, how long?'

Still, God waits for us to care. To give. To love, selflessly. To love till it costs because He did.

Are you indifferent to Christ's Passion?