Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Year With the Queen-On a Lighter Note

Over the past two weeks I have been watching the BBC documentary 'A Year with the Queen.' It is a documentary not only about the Queen but also how the Monarchy is run and those who help grease the wheels, and make it all come together.

The one thing that struck me is how open the Queen is when dealing with her face to face as the photographer Annie Leibovitz found. The Queen is herself, she doesnt hide behind 'image makers' or put on a false nicey nicey air. At times she can be irritable and it showed, which is refreshing.

What I admire most about Queen Elizabeth II is the way she has remained unspoiled. When considering she was born in an age where Royalty were above criticism and were basically fawned over, yet the Queen retained her normality.

Another aspect I admire is her common sense, especially in this age of political correctness where any lunatic idea seems to hold sway. The Queen remains the same, steadfast, honest, true to herself and above all, duty first.

Considering that she came to the Throne at only 25 years of age, upon the death of her beloved father. Queen Elizabeth II has done an admirable job.

Even if you havent seen this documentary, what elements of the Queen's character do YOU admire? Or are you Anti-Monarchy?