Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Family Blessing

God bless the Father,

Who teaches with wisdom,

Whose discipline is fair and wise.

God bless the Father,

Whose love enfolds,

And holds his family as one.

God bless the Mother,

Who gives life,

Who nourishes with her faith.

God bless the Mother,

Whose heart is full,

With gentle care,

And the love she shares.

God bless the Children,

Who grow in their footsteps,

Who learn the values and meanings,

Of life and faith.

God bless the Children,

Who learn to love and give,

Who honor and obey,

Their Mother and Father.

God bless the Home,

Which is built with strong foundations,

Filled with the treasures from Heaven.

God bless the Family,

Who lives and grows with God,

With His love and wisdom,

Taught and given with faith.

To be passed down the generations.

God Bless the Family

With God in their hearts,

The Holy Spirit in their souls,

And with Jesus walking beside them.

God Bless our Families.

Amen and Amen