Friday, October 3, 2008

Lord, I Give This Day To You

Good Morning Lord,
I Love you... So what should I do this day?
I open up my heart to you;
would you just lead my way?
Is there someone I need to see
or something I should do?
I'm willing Lord... just show me
for "I give this day to You"!
I s there a lonely soul out there
who needs someone to care?
I'm willing to reach out to them...
I'm willing... lead me there;
Or is there someone ill today
who needs my Nursing care?
I'm willing Lord, to go to them
If you'll just lead me there!
Or could it be your will for me
is stay at home and pray?
I'm willing Lord... this day is yours
so you just lead my way!
There's nothing more important Lord,
than just to do your will;
Surrender all my heart and soul and
serve you Lord until,
My journey through this land is o'er..
My life on earth has passed;
Then I'll walk through those Pearly Gates,
to be with You at last!