Sunday, October 12, 2008

Women of Style & Substance-Princess Mary

I always find it rather mystifying when the press build up a person and then take joy in knocking them down. Why do they do it? Or is it that they think they are catering to the reader or perhaps they are trying to cultivate a need for salacious reporting because they lack originality.

Mary Donaldson came from an ordinary family who lived in Tasmania, Australia. Tragedy struck early when Mary lost her beloved mother in 1997 this tragedy only brought the Donaldson family unit closer. Mary moved to Melbourne and began work in the Public Relations field.

Prince Frederick's own childhood was hampered by the fact that his parents believed that children should be seen and not heard. For instance he and his brother only met their parents for a few minutes a day, they even ate seperately from their parents, Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik. A fact which led Frederick on a quest to find a woman who could nurture and support him in his role in life.

What happens next sounds like a Hollywood movie, but this is no cleverly written script, but reality. Mary and a group of friends went to visit a local pub the same night that Prince Frederick was there, the two hit it off, it wasn't until later that Mary found out who 'Fred' was, much to her amazement.

The romance led to marriage and it was a touching moment when Prince Frederick wept as his bride walked down the Church aisle towards him and her new future as the Crown Princess of Denmark.

Princess Mary is a great consort, a woman with her feet on the ground, especially now she is the mother of two children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

In Princess Mary, Denmark has a woman who understands decorum, discretion and dignity. You wont see Mary in skirts up to her thighs or wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination. Mary dresses with style and dignity but is also spontaneous to all she meets.

Why then are some elements of the press almost longing for this young woman to fail as a wife, mother and Princess? Surely with so many movie/rock stars willing to bare all and dress immodestly, Mary should be seen as an example of how to live one's life with a set of Principles while she combines her royal duties with motherhood.

I hope that the press rather than try and muddy the waters will accept that Mary is no kiss and tell Princess but a woman of great dignity and courage, who is simply doing the best she can in a lifestyle in which she was not born.

Personally I think she is doing a great job and is a role model for young women and mothers.

Written by Marie