Monday, October 20, 2008

Women of Style & Substance-Grace Kelly

There have been many beautiful women in Hollywood from Louise Brooks to Lana Turner to Charlize Theron, what then makes Grace Kelly not only different but who stands out from the crowd?

Yes! Grace was exceptionally beautiful, but what made her special was her humanity and her humour.

Unlike many who climb the ladder to success Grace never dropped her old friends in favour of new more important one's, her friends stayed true to her throughout her short life and she trusted them with her confidances.

Many men fell instantly inlove with Grace, not because she was beautiful but because she encapsulated the very essense of womanhood, ladylike femininity with a touch of her own quirky humour. These men would range from Alec Guiness to Lord Mountbatten even Prince Charles himself, who admitted to having a serious crush on Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly never took herself seriously and loved life and it showed. No wonder Prince Ranier was bowled over by this elegant, composed and very beautiful woman full of joie de vivre.

Upon accepting Prince Raniers marriage proposal it was a wrench for the young Grace Kelly to leave her homeland and embark on unknown territory, but Grace had courage in abundance, and didn't blink at taking on a role she had not been born into.

Becoming a Princess was much different than being an actress, but once again Grace Kelly rose to the occasion, excellence was a part of her character, she refused to fail and she didn't.

Though the people of Monaco were at first suspicious of this 'actress' they soon grew to love her as she worked hard on behalf of Monaco's interests and raised the country in the eyes of the world, she brought class into a shady place.

Grace Kelly did not need Monaco. Monaco needed Grace Kelly.

Princess Grace had an artisitic nature and she bought this gift with her to her new adopted country helping it to become a place of culture that celebrated the Arts once again embracing a spirit of excellence.

The beautiful Princess though was not without tragedy as she longed for a large family and after having both Caroline and Albert she joyfully welcomed Stephanie into the world after having suffered many miscarriages. Her family was complete, but the shadow of tragedy would follow her.

Grace Kelly had a natural sense of nobility an inner luminous quality that radiated to all who were in her proximity. Grace possessed a natural elegance, an almost ethereal quality, like a star that blazes across the skies and as we wonder at it in amazement we acknowledge it's very beauty is because of it's fragility. Here now, gone forever.

The legacy of Grace Kelly is that noone will ever be her, there will never be another Grace. A woman who embodied style so naturally that quintessentially when one thinks of class, Grace Kelly comes to mind...A fleeting life, yet noone can forget her.

In her own words;

"I would like to be remembered as a decent human being and a caring one - "Grace Kelly

Written by Marie