Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Islamofascists-In Battle or Dialogue

As Christians, no matter what denomination you espouse we are in a critical battle ground where the rule book has been thrown out by our adversaries which is Islamofascism. These fascists do not follow rules of engagement their only rule is to kill all those who live a different ideology from their worldview. Whether it be by bombing them, beheading them or blowing their enemies up by strapping bombs to themselves, nothing is too loathsome for these tyrannical extremists.

There is nothing more chilling than impersonal hate.

Now Senator Obama has blithely stated that he is ready to sit down with President Ahmadinejad with no pre-conditions so that he can 'dialogue with the enemy' and hopefully turn them into 'friends.'

Does America want to be 'friends' with these tyrants? Obama thinks so!

England before the Second World War tried this 'dialogue' with the likes of Adolf Hitler by acquiescing when it came to Czechoslovakia. As we look back at history did this attempt at 'dialogue' work? Did Hitler suddenly gain a conscience and did the spirit of appeasement work? No it did not.

Will Senator Obama if elected President, re-live history?

It is becoming obvious that those who embrace Islamofascism are in opposition to those who have embraced Christianity. The two are irreconcilable as Islamofascists tries to eliminate the other by any means necessary, whether it be hijacking planes or cruise ships or by strapping bombs to their bodies as they blow up innocent civilians in order to subjugate the world through sheer intimidation.

Many are still refusing to believe that we are in a war. A war that is so all encompassing that it strikes at the heart of our very beliefs and our way of life and yet some are still failing to see that Christianity is in the fight for its very life and it's core beliefs.

Is America & its Allies in a war? You better believe it.

1972: Eight Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seize nine Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich. In a bungled rescue attempt by West German authorities, all the hostages and five terrorists are killed.

1979 - 81: After U.S. President Jimmy Carter agrees to admit the Shah of Iran into the U.S., Iranian radicals seize the U.S. Embassy in Tehran Nov.4 1979, and take 66 American diplomats and embassy employees hostage. Thirteen hostages are soon released, but the remaining 53 are held until their release on Jan. 20, 1981.

1983 U.S and French soldiers bombed in Beirut.

1985 - 1991: Shia militiamen in Beirut take Terry Anderson, an Associated Press reporter, hostage in 1985. They demand the release of Shia extremists convicted of bombing the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait. They also hold hostage Brian Keenan, John McCarthy and Terry Waite.

1985 Hijacked the Achille Lauro

1985 Jun 14, The 17-day hijack ordeal of TWA Flight 847 began as a pair of Lebanese Shiite Muslim extremists seized the plane with 104 Americans shortly after takeoff from Athens, Greece. The hijackers killed Petty Officer Robert Dean Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac in Beirut.

1988 Pan Am 103 crashed over Lockerbie.

1993: World Trade Center bomb terrorizes New York

1993: US forces killed in Somali gun battle At least five US soldiers have been killed and two Blackhawk helicopters shot down in a heavy firefight in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.

2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

2001 11th September attack on World Trade Centre

2002 Bali Bombings

2005 London bombings

The Islamofascists have deliberately kept their people poor and uneducated, in order for their youth to feel a hopelessness about their own future prospects. In this way they can appeal to young men to die for Allah and in this way they will attain their 70 virgins but only IF they are martyred. Ever wonder why Osama Bin Laden remains hidden like a rat in the mountains of Pakistan as he slinks from one safety hole to the next? Did Abu Musab al-Zarqawi offer himself up for martyrdom or was he accidentally trapped by the Americans? It seems the top leadership of these terrorists groups have NO wish to die for their cause.

The sweetest music to the ears of these tyrants is when a Democratic leader speaks of a longing to 'dialogue' with them.

Many Islamofascists cry crocodile tears for the poor Palestinians, yet why then do the more wealthy Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia not set up schools, new roads, hospitals etc? Why? Because they are using the plight of the Palestinians as an excuse to unleash their pent up hatred on the nation of Israel and also on America. The former President Yasser Arafat was given hundreds of millions of dollars from the West, not one penny of this aid was spent on easing the plight of the poor. The majority of the money was squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts.

Christians love God they try and live their faith, but no where does it say that Christians must become door mats so the terrorists can vent their spleen. We have seen what happens when the Islamofascists don't agree with cartoons or books that they feel malign their prophet, yet they feel no such compunction when deriding the Jewish or Christian Faith. It is never right to blaspheme anyone's belief as the Vatican rightfully stated, but equality of respect for other faiths and beliefs is not a one way street. So far it seems the Islamofascists are allowed their own blaspheming but will murder and maim anyone who opposes or satirizes their beliefs.

In the end there is no reasoning with hate for hate has no logic. Let us hope we recognise the dogs of war before they devour us.

Do you trust Barack Obama to keep America safe?

Written by Marie