Sunday, October 26, 2008

Senator Obama What Are You Hiding?

I find it rather puzzling that all the political candidates have released their medical records including that of Govenor Sarah Palin, but not Senator Barack Obama.

This begs the question, why?

In his autobiography Senator Obama admits to using cocaine but just what year did he desist using this illegal substance?

If Senator Obama were to release his medical records would it hold information pertaining to his use of cocaine and just how long he was addicted to this illegal narcotic?

One is let to ponder why did the Senator not release his medical records?

A 'doctors statement' is not a medical record. And why is the media silent on the fact that unlike the other candidates Senator Obama declined to share his medical history?

Is it not important to know the medical history of a person who may oneday hold the highest office in the land?

I will then ask the question, Senator Obama just what are you hiding by not releasing your medical records?

If this man is so open and honest then let him open his medical records to discerning voters.

Stop hiding Senator and release your records to the public.

Written by Marie