Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are Men Getting A Raw Deal?

When the 'feminists revolution' hit society it was like a nuclear explosion. What was before was no longer now. Everything had changed including women's attitudes to traditional roles, but where did that leave men?

During the years radical feminists have portrayed men as lying, cheating brutes intent on keeping women 'in their place'. Because of this false impression women's personalities took on an almost masculine exterior, gone was any sign of femininity.

During the generations things calmed down. Some famous feminists even re-canted their previous positions, but did things improve for men?

In a recent article by Christine Whelan, she has espoused a theory that men are no longer seen as brutes but as idiots. This is shown on TV programes such as 'The Simpsons', 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'The King of Queens' etc. These TV shows portray women as smart and sassy while the men are dim witted fools. After reading her article I admit there is validation for Ms Whelan's theory.

I remember in particlar a reality TV where women were encouraged to treat and train their husbands as they would their pet dogs. I only watched it once in that I personally found it demeaning to ALL men. Though the show was meant to be tongue in cheek humour, I failed to laugh once.

Do women really want their husbands to be lap dogs, begging their wives for a 'treat'(sex) and if the husband behaves well she will be agreeable to accommodate her husbands 'needs'? This whole idea demeans the role of marriage. Sex should never be used as a weapon in the marital bed.

Society and the media seemed to have gone from one extreme to another. First men were male chauvinist pigs now they are portrayed as morons who cant count to ten nor pronounce their A B C's.

Did the feminists movement die down or did it just change coats?