Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mary Magdalene-The Woman & Saint

For many years the life of Mary Magdalene within the Gospels seemed to have got lost in translation through peoples misinterpretation of this womans most singular personality and love for Jesus her Lord.

The misunderstanding seems to have occured when Pope Gregory the Great proclaimed that Mary Magdalene was the 'sinful woman' who annointed Jesus feet. Since then many have assumed that Mary Magdalene was the 'sinful woman' and also a 'prostitute' both these claims are erroneous.

If anything Mary of Magdala was a woman of strength and indepedent means, this allowed her to rebel against the strictures of her times. Like many women with strong characters she would have been rejected by the elite in her own society. As she lived brazenly and openly but also with great inner loneliness which no amount of money nor dissolute company could assuage. Though Mary would have probably shown a bravado to the outside world, within her own soul she was tormented day and night, where was her release? Who could save one such as she?

The meeting between Jesus and Mary would change her life forever when He delivered her from the seven demons who had tormented her spirit for many years. For when Jesus healed Mary He also started a revolution of love within the soul of Mary. A flame that burned with zealous love for the Truth espoused by Jesus, the Promised Messiah.

This would alter Mary Magadelene's entire being, she had gone from living a worldly life to the exact opposite as she embraced a life of chastity, humility and hope.

Because Mary Magdalene was independently wealthy this also helped Jesus and his Apostles to continue His Ministry. As Mary offered her support both spiritually and monetary.

In the end Mary was a woman of fierce courage, and like the Mother of Jesus she too stood beneath the Cross with John as the other Disciples scattered in fear.

What we learn from the life of Mary Magdalene is that we too have the same hope only found through the saving Grace of our Lord and Saviour. Just like Mary we too can learn of the Mercy and Love of God as He accepts all into His Kingdom who repent and ammend their lives. No matter how grave the sin, our Merciful Lord will forgive each one of us when we repent and through the Sacraments of the Church we like Mary will find our home, in the Heart of Jesus Christ Himself.