Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Open Letter from Satan to The Faithless

Dear Comfort Christians,

I write this letter to cheer you on. There is nothing I like better than a comfortable Christian. Jesus called them the lukewarm, but I call them my special children.

In order for evil to have full reign, one must do and say nothing, I say this so that you may remain in your comfort zone. I would not dream of disturbing you, lest I wake your conscience...better a sleeping conscience than an active one.

Please do not pray, it will only confuse your thoughts. Rely instead on your logic, the Catholic Church calls this 'relativism'. They can be so negative. I call it freedom of thought. If God really exists then let Him prove it to YOU. Why should you be bullied into believing in 'good'? That is for weak and insipid minds. If you wish to get ahead do whatever you have to do... don't worry about the consequences, after all I didn't!

Also, do not read the Bible. It will mislead you and will cause you to think twice about your actions, whereas I encourage you to do what makes you feel good. You may read books which are blasphemous. I encourage you all to read the Gnostic gospels, after all I am the author of those books! You may also read anything with any adult content. It is a free world and you should be free to express yourself and read whatever you like, with me there are NO limits!

Please vote for politicians who run on a Pro-Choice platform. After all, it was I who propagated the thought that women are responsible for their own bodies. The Senators who legislate for abortion are my politicians, are they not doing my will?

Feel free to express yourselves in profane and vulgar language. Once again its called freedom of expression. Why should you be bound by scruples? I'm not! Don't allow the Church to hinder your inner spirit with such talk as modesty or courtesy. I am here to free you from all your inhibitions. In this sphere it truly is a case of do as I do, and speak as I speak.

I wish to emphasise that there is no truth, but your truth. I will empower you to become your true selves. Nothing is out of bounds, and if something makes you feel good, then do it... that's my motto...'if it feels good then do it'. Don't listen to the Church who have outlawed such behaviour as active homosexuality, adultery, lying, fornication, pornography and promiscuity. Who is the Church to tell you what you can and cannot do, are you not adult enough to decide for yourselves? If you follow me I will let you do anything you like with no consequences. That is such an old fashioned word, don't let it bother you, I don't!

There is one word that I truly wish for you all to understand and that is toleration. My special followers must be tolerant of everybody no matter their lifestyle. Surely by now we can choose what lifestyle we wish to live! After all this is the twenty first century, not the dark ages! I wish for you to tolerate and promote same sex marriages, pro-choice, pornography, narcotics, recreational sex and euthanasia . Out with the old is what I say!

In order for me to succeed Christians MUST remain asleep! I cannot work in a soul that is prayerful, or a soul that reads the Bible, nor can I truly work within a soul that partakes of the Church's Sacraments. So please STOP doing the above. It brings me much pain and gnashing of teeth. Instead embrace every new idea and trend. Don't go to Church, sleep in after all it was a hectic week, I will understand. One more thing, whatever you do, do NOT pray the Rosary, this particular prayer truly disgusts me!

When you talk with others, please make sure that your conversations are full of malice, after all malice is merely the truth with fangs. Feel free to gossip, even psychologists say that gossip is healthy. If someone hates you, hate them back! Remember hate is good, hate is freeing....it got me kicked out of Heaven.

Now remember this one thing I don't exist, Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the father of lies and all those other names just forget them.....I don't exist. I must go and roam the world now there are far too many Christians I must seduce.There truly is no rest for the wicked!

Seeya in Hell

Satan (PS: Would I lie to you?)!