Monday, July 16, 2007

A Woman and Femininity- Two different things

There is nothing demeaning about being feminine, it is the hallmark of being a lady. Any woman CAN be a lady. It's mostly in your mind and heart. The feminist movement has fueled everything from murderous abortions to godless homosexuality. Feminism is rebellion against God!

Being a woman and being feminine are two different things. A woman is a girl who has reached a certain age. A feminine woman is a girl who has finally matured as an adult. We consider a girl to have reached womanhood when she begins her menstrual cycle. That could occur as early as pre-teen to make her ready for child bearing. But that does not mean she has reached full maturity as a person who is ready to be a wife or mother.

Some women never reach the level of maturity that is expected of them as functioning adults. They may be physically mature but have not grown up mentally, socially or spiritually. Their relationships and life ambitions are shallow and often hostile. Their interpretation of "femininity" is most often focused on beauty and social graces rather than on the qualities of mind, heart and soul. A woman who struggles with her true femininity does not make a good prospect for marriage. She is self centered, self serving and defensive. She is constantly trying to prove herself, goes to exaggerated extremes to look and act her best while neglecting her mind, her attitudes and her womanly graces.

The problem of growing into true feminine maturity is difficult and hindered for most girls. Parents and society are more concerned with looks and popularity of females than with character and morals. The emphasis of training for young girls is on clothes, makeup and hairdo's and there is nothing wrong with looking your best. But the message to young girls is that their greatest quality is their "sexuality". Personality and disposition are secondary, and most often avoided while the emphasis remains on looks, outward appearances.

Females are portrayed as "sex objects" in advertising, entertainment and in the minds of immature boys and men. Sexual abuse is the result of seeing a woman as nothing more than an object of pleasure rather than as a God created person to be respected.Femininity and sexuality are opposites. A woman who portrays herself as a sex object by the way she dresses and acts is far from being feminine.

Femininity expresses the deeper things of life like being sensitive to the needs of others, of knowing how to share genuine love, to be self-giving and understanding. A truly feminine woman wants to be needed, to be understood, to be respected and to be treated as a worthwhile human being.

A feminine woman is not threatened by the different roles of men and women. She is not trying to be "equal" to the male in the sense that she must perform as he does. She recognizes the God-given differences, that neither man nor woman is inferior but that both have a distinct calling and purpose.