Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Carrie Bradshaw Philosophy of Life

I fail to understand how so called 'feminists' lay claim to the TV show/movie 'Sex and the City,' as if it were a badge of honour and have taken the show as their banner. Why?

There is even a reporter working on a local radio station and writes a column whose aim in life is to be just like 'Carrie Bradshaw,' once again why?

This character is supposedly so emancipated that she can have sex whenever and with whomever she likes. Guess what so can monkey's in a zoo but unlike people, monkey's do not make choices they go on base instincts.

The entire format of the show is based on empty women who try and fill the void in their empty lives by having sex sometimes with complete strangers, where is the heroism in that? Where is the freedom in allowing their bodies to be used and abused and then tossed on the garbage dump as their so called lovers move on to their next new 'love interest.'

This is not a show about women's emancipation it is about women's enslavement. This group of women will do just about anything in order to 'marry a man of their dreams,' and if it doesn't work out, well there is always the divorce courts.

Heroic women? I think not!

The TV show should have been renamed 'Desperate & Dateless in New York.'

From reviews that I have read Carrie Bradshaw spends most of the show chasing one man who is so loathe to marry her that he runs away.

Is this how we want women to be represented? As so desperate they will sleep around, have abortions, but hey they always wearing their Jimmy Choo heels and Vera Wang outfits.

Is this character really how modern women want to be? Shallow, superficial with their brittle smiles and even more brittle personalities.

I find it very sad indeed and indicative of a hedonistic lifestyle that the character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker is seen as a role model for women.

Give me the Donna Reeds, June Cleavers and Carol Brady's any day. What do YOU think?

Written by Marie