Monday, September 8, 2008

Flip Flopping Liberals Flip Out Over Palin

“Sarah Palin is to the left what sunlight is to a vampire. Her high heels have knocked them back on the heels of their comfortable shoes.”

Never has a woman been so attacked for simply being a woman. Democrats, Liberals and the media are shooting darts at Sarah Palin for being feminine. Latest to join the round table was the host of the recently concluded VMA’s on MTV. I have come to the following conclusions as to exactly why it is that Sarah Palin is being criticized and mocked.

She represents feminism, true feminism. She represents a feminism that fights for children and their lives (no matter if they are not “perfect”), that doesn’t hate men, and that isn’t pretentious and bitter. We only see the type of feminism that thinks that true freedom resembles “Sex and the City”. There’s more to life than fashion, promiscuity, fast cars and expensive vacations. Sarah is the light that cuts through the intellectual red tape and exposes feminist hypocrisy for what it really is. She takes a stance and stands by it.

They do not recognize what women have been fighting for all these years. Sarah has shown what women have known for years - they are strong, bright and capable and do not have to embrace the “feminist” agenda of gay rights, pro abortion, not to mention the political correctness / liberal agenda of energy caps, higher taxes, more government regulation, and the class war mentalities. She shows that no door was closed to her. Her choices should be admired. She and her husband should be admired for committing themselves to a marriage through the good and bad times for 20 years.

Palin is human like the rest of us. And maybe that is what is so attractive about her, she acts human. Sarah is the breath of fresh air that is needed, after years and years of hot air in Washington. She shows that there are smart women (and men for that matter) who believe in large families, who consider it noble to be a mother, who are against abortion, who bemoan the promiscuity of our times, who don’t believe that offering birth control to teens is the answer to out of wedlock pregnancy, that the most common sense answer lies in strong families who consider it a privilege and a sacred responsibility to have children. This is feminism in its truest sense!

As for all those objecting along the lines of “I don’t see the problem…isn’t it good to be pro-choice/secular/open-minded etc.” On the other hand, if the pro-choice claim were genuine, there would be no discussion of it, because the number of abortions throughout history would be zero. Everyone would choose the human experience, regardless of how they were conceived. Abortion is never the solution. The taking of another person’s life is never a reasonable response to our pain, no matter how much we hurt. To abort means to kill. To be pro-choice means that you freely support someone’s right to kill…to kill an innocent and defenseless life. There is hypocrisy in such stances. If human life is not important at the miracle of conception, how can life be somehow more important after birth? To be Pro-Choice does not mean that you are forward thinking or open minded. The whole “People will do it anyway” is also equally bogus. People shoplift everyday, people steal, so how come no one is campaigning for this to be legal?

I think that we are essentially teaching our children through abortion that we have no responsibility for our fellow man or accountability for our own actions. If a pregnant woman who wants and loves her child is killed, 2 counts of murder can be filed against the perpetrator. However, if a pregnant woman who doesn’t want her child decides to kill it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it is even encouraged and promoted!

There are many reasons why I am Pro-life. Morality is not something that society can vote on. What is wrong is wrong, and what is right is right. No matter if 99.99 percent of the population believes something is right…IT DOESNT MATTER, if God says it is wrong its wrong.The pro-choice claim is anything but choice because the person whose life is at stake was never given that choice. To be Pro-life also means actively doing something. How many Pro-lifers have adopted a child, volunteered at an orphanage, or taken some other type of action to support their beliefs? If we are not willing to volunteer and step up to the plate, then in all honesty how big of an issue is it to us?

The media will not ask the hard questions of Obama because they want him to win, and anything negative will be overlooked, and the questioner will be attacked as being racist or a liar or both. Would the media be so kind as to afford the same excuses to me that they allow Obama? I’m tired of hearing people say that Obama can’t be held to any kind of standard. It’s really scary to see someone rant against people that “cling to their guns and religion”, when he, most obviously, has a rubber spine when it comes to his “beliefs”. He will change his rhetoric and his actions at the drop of a poll to suit his audience of the moment. He says what you want to hear, he says what you need to hear. Obama has an uncanny ability to be on both sides of an issue at once. He tries to be “all things to all men.” He will be whoever you want him to be. To the church - “I personally hate abortion”. To the abortionists, “I fully support a woman’s right to abortion.” Obama is changing his positions to get votes, and in the end, the line between right and wrong in America gets fuzzier and fuzzier… McCain and Palin have already addressed more issues that are vital for the future growth of America than Barack Obama has in the whole time he’s been campaigning. He talks “change” but is neither specific nor believable. People talk about the flaws of the Obama ticket, the biggest flaw is probably the thinking that he is the answer to all the woes.

What more is there to say, Sarah is NOT a threat to the women’s movement. She IS the women’s movement! The Democrats know that if this woman becomes the Vice President she will open the door to current feminists to see that they don’t need to subscribe to radical liberalism to shatter the glass ceiling! In the end, with your own hands in the ballot box you seal your own fate.