Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hitler Got Better Press than Sarah Palin

I found this fascinating that Adolf Hitler a mass murderer and a man of incredible evil actually received better press than Governor Sarah Palin. Read the quotes for yourself. You will be surprised at how many considered Hitler a 'great man.'

Pro Hitler Quotes

"After visiting these two places (Berchtesgaden and the Eagle's lair on Obersalzberg), you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had boundless ambitions for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

John F. Kennedy

"It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed the war- broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence. It is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers. One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart."

David Lloyd George, Prime Minister

"Democracy is finished in England. It may be here,(England)"

Ambassador Kennedy

"He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction - Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a Divine calling and that the German people are destined to save Europe from the revolutionary attacks of Communism. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst enemy. He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany"

Viscount Rothermere

"I think that it must be admitted that National Socialism has done a great deal for Germany. It has undoubtedly cleaned up Germany in the ordinary moral sense of the word. The defeatism, the corruption so manifest a characteristic in the days after the war has disappeared, at any rate from public view. It has given discipline and order and a sense of purpose to the great majority of young people who in earlier days did not know where to go or what they were living for."

His Lordship, the Marquess of Lothian


Anti Sarah Palin Quotes

"Her down-home, divisive and deceptive speech did nothing to cosmeticize a Republican convention that has more than twice as many male delegates as female, a presidential candidate who is owned and operated by the right wing and a platform that opposes pretty much everything Clinton's candidacy stood for -- and that Barack Obama's still does."

Gloria Steinem

"Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe? "

Lindsay Lohan

(John McCain has chosen a running mate) "whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn't had an abortion."

Carol Fowler

"They shouldn't have the right to call themselves Christian, for they have no Christ-like attributes. I am a feminist and a Christian - and when I see Sarah Palin - I see neither. And it is official. She is evil."

Margaret Cho

"But really, what kind of role model is a woman whose fifth child was recently born with a serious issue, Down Syndrome, and then goes back to the job of Governor within days of the birth?"

Dr Laura Schlessinger

"The broader question if Sarah Palin becomes vice president, will she be shortchanging her kids or will she be shortchanging the country?"

Amy Robach


I think this truly shows just how loony the Left have become when a despotic evil dictator as Hitler can accrue more compliments than a hard working Governor of Alaska and future Vice President of the United States.