Friday, September 26, 2008

Russia The Next Super Power?

I was glad to see Russia finally being mentioned by both Presidential candidates. I wrote this piece a few days ago, I don't think that the American public realise the threat that Russia poses to their own security. Let me know what YOU think?

The world cannot afford to look the other way as it concentrates on terrorists from mainly Muslim countries. There is another great threat which will also impact on American interests just as much as the Islamofacists.

Russia is proving to be a grave threat to America and the West.

There is a reason why Russia took such an interest in a little known part of the world called South Ossetia and why it hit back ferociously when The Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili made the miscalculation of attacking it.

While America tries to play catch up with it's Nabucco gas pipeline, Russia is two or more steps ahead.

Russia already owns a gas pipeline which supplies a quarter of European gas supplies. What happens if a European country disagrees with Russian policies? Or will it be a case of not daring to anger the Russian bear in case their gas supplies are effected?

Many European countries will be held to ransom if they have the temerity to oppose Russia aka Prime Minister Putin.

How does this affect America?

No European country will support America & its policies if it means alienating Russia.

America may find itself totally isolated.

Prime Minister Putin is a relatively young politician who has years ahead of him and he has shown by stealth how he deals with his 'perceived' enemies. Anyone who dares to confront that savile row dictator Vladimir Putin will pay for it with their lives. One has only to look at the lives of Anna Politkovskaya, Paul Klebnikov, Alexander Litvinenko or Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko who was poisoned with Dioxin, and only just survived.

Russia has always longed to be the Great Super Power and with its gas pipeline they may realise their dream. As America wakes up to a new nightmare, becoming second place to Russia.

Is Russia a friend or a foe? What do YOU think?

Written by Marie