Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Rocks Obama’s World

It seems just the mere mention Sarah Palin’s name rocks the Obama camp. Endorsements are like ice cream flavors they either leave a sweet taste or an awful after taste. You know that this woman has substance when most of Hollywood’s big wigs are flapping their mouths, criticizing and questioning who she is and her competence. From Matt Damon to Pamela Anderson to the one and only Sean aka Diddy aka Puff Daddy Combs all have “something” to say. I don’t understand why “black” entertainers, “black” influential people have turned this elections into a race based on the colour of ones skin. “Vote for Obama because he is black.” For all they say that they are the ones being discriminated in the country, they sure do know how to play the race game to their “advantage”. It shouldn't matter the colour of your skin or if you are male or female, your decision should be based upon the issues facing America.

Of all that I have seen Diddy’s was the most disturbing. With what he sings and gives to our children certainly isn't the role model most would want. First off he does not know if Alaska is one of the Sates in the USA, he does not know if there are any black people in Alaska , then he proceeds to say that because there are no black people in Alaska there is no crime, violence and drugs. Diddy has slapped every black person in the face yet there is no uproar from the Obama camp. Guess that once you put that money and a lot of it in the Obama envelope you can say and do whatever you please. Sean Combs - doing a hell of a job for the Obama Campaign. And an even better job for McCain/Palin! He must think Alaskans live in igloos and mush dogs to work. The population is very culturally diverse and yes it includes black people. More proof of Abe Lincoln’s observation:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

I just don’t understand why he is so worried about who McCain picked as VP anyway? Isn’t the Obamamessiah supposed to sweep the country in a landslide, uniting it in Hope and Change? With his recent hissy fit about flying commercial because it was too expensive to fuel his jet, it makes you wonder why the media gives him the time of day. His new election slogan is “Obama or die”. I am very concerned that there will be racial polarity in the aftermath of this election if “The Chosen One” loses. Stop stimulating the victim mentality. Enough with the race card!

I want to take a look at some of the platforms that the Obama camp has on their ticket after all these are the issues. Firstly, we are for the “small people” Are they really? When a “small town” woman steps up to the plate, they try to cut her down because she is too “small” for them. One question: what is wrong with Alaska ? Is Alaska not 1 of 50 States that form America? A woman who has served in an executive position is not qualified? Obama, who has run primarily on his popularity and has no experience, is more qualified because of the color of his skin? Amazing to say the least! She has every right to be anything she wants to be, this is real change for every woman, white, and black and in between. This woman brings change, there is proof of all she has been able to achieve and yet she is not qualified?!?! Experience did not matter before but now with Sarah Palin experience matters.

Then there are his Economic policies. I struggle with the study of Obanomics. It’s tough to grasp this blend of economics, comics and tonics. They are for teaching sex education in schools and distributing and aiding in contraception, after all we want the kids to be “safe” so we pump millions on this. Encourage the kids to have sex then they need millions in funding to have programs to deal with teen pregnancy, STD’s and everything that goes along with having sex, after all having sex is “no big thing.” Everyone knows that Abstinence is the only way to not get pregnant but hey why not line the pockets of those that contribute to your cause! Then his brilliant plan to reduce taxes, “tax the rich and give that money to the poor.” Nice thought but once you tax the companies who produce and sell everything that Americans consume, that tax increase is going to be passed right back along to the consumers. Where is the savings in that? The only way to stimulate the economy is to reduce spending, spend efficiently and increase savings.

Now let’s look at Health Care Reform. Obama is for Partial birth Abortion and refuses to approve funding to help save those babies who have survived the horrendous ordeal. Its okay to leave the baby to die on the table, don’t bother to try and help save a life. If life is not valued at conception, the most innocent and vulnerable are not protected, then I shudder to think what kind of health care reform is on the way. What will happen if you are old, have some sort of incurable disease, physically and mentally disabled? It really does make you think.

Then there is the Pro-choice platform. Now let’s just call it what it is- Legalized Murder! The only choice there is is whether to have sex or not. Getting pregnant is not a mistake, it is an outcome of having sex. Now they argue that once the baby is not “normal” then get rid of it. What a cop out! Who gives them the right to decide what is normal and what is not normal? They say that a babe in the womb is a parasite, it feeds from the mother, so the mother is entitled to get rid of the parasite. My question is this, how come if a mother kills a 3 month baby, one who is suckling on the breast which can be considered a parasitic act, she will be charged with murder? When a teenager begs his or her parents for money for the latest fad, can that not be seen as a parasitic act, yet if they were to kill that teenager it would be seen as murder? How come the double standard?!?!

This election is not about star power, its not about getting the Hollywood star, nor is it about how vanilla or chocolate ones skin is, its about the issues. It’s about walking the walk and talking the talk. Its about serving America not just Hollywood. Its not about using change to promote ones career, it’s about using ones career to promote change. Its about change you can believe in and change you can trust. It’s about making your vote count twice, once for what is right and once for what is wrong. And well the saying really is true, “Behind Every Good Man is a Great Woman.”