Friday, October 12, 2007

Blaspheme In The Pews

I watched Bill O'Reilly this morning and was absolutely shocked and outraged that two active homosexuals who deliberately mock the Catholic Church received the Eucharist.

This is San Francisco a place known for its outrageous conduct, to try and imply that one did not know what was going on is naive in the extreme. Archbishop Niederauer is elderly but how could he not understand that he was looking at two people who came into the Church to create a storm of controversy.

We are the Church Militant yet why do so many behave as if we were the Church Wimps?

If the Catholic Church hierarchy do not take a stand against such outrages then who will?

In our own country Cardinal Pell has come under serious attack for denying the radical homosexual groups the Eucharist. Cardinal Pell stands firm he will not be bulldozed by the left wing radicals, but is he alone in this? Why do so many Priests, Bishops and Cardinals bow down to these radical elements?

Sure, we are all sinners but none should ever receive the Eucharist if they have not repented of their sins through the Sacrament of Confession and received Absolution.

Am I calling for the resignation of Archbishop Niederauer, no. That is going too far, but he does need intensive instruction on how to deal with a situation when confronted by these blasphemous groups.

What are your own thoughts on this situation? And how the Church should respond?