Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog bouquets To Therese & Aimee

One can tell just by reading Aimee's blog that this woman truly loves all facets of our faith. Her ability to simplify difficult aspects of theology is greatly needed by more simplistic thinkers such as myself.

Aimee has the ability to articulate into laymans terms the central and fundamental beliefs of our wonderful Church. I would encourage all to visit her blog. You will come away enlightened and challenged but never bored.

Through Therese's blog we see how Therese incorporates her faith into her daily life. Therese also gives us a look into different aspects of her family and shares with her readers insights into the many difficulties faced by parents trying to raise their children in todays world. There is a freshness in her blog an insight into what makes a Catholic family exactly that Catholic. Do read her blog.

Peace and blessings to you both