Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Am God

I Am The Lord thy God who loves you,
I Am the one who makes the beauty of the sunset,
The stars and the universe
I Am the only God, there is no other
I sent you my most beloved Son, Jesus to die for your sins
I Am the life, the way, and the truth.

I Am Your Lord who gave you The Holy Spirit to put in your hearts.
I Am God who created you in My Image,
I Am The One in the Bible who gives you strength always
The words "I AM" are written many times
So you can come to understand Me,
I Am the light of the world
I am not to be afraid of, yet some people must fear Me
So they do not go down wrong pathways.

I Am The Good Shepherd
I am God in the Spirit,
You cannot see Me because I am a great flame
I Am The Son of man, I Am holy,
I can make miracle's, My name is Jesus
And on the cross for you I died,
Be holy as I am holy
I Am The Lord and the giver of life.

He who believes in Me will have eternal life and not perish
If The Holy Spirit lives inside your heart
You will enter the kingdom of heaven.
I Am The One who gave Moses The Ten Commandments
I Am Your God who takes away your sins,
Live with a pure soul to serve other's along the way
I Am The Great One, listen to My words."

I Am The Most Powerful One,
Who calls Himself "The Great I Am"
I Am The One who always is
I Am the true Prince Of Peace,
I Am The Alpha and The Omega, The first and the last
Beginning and the end.