Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm back - Some thoughts and stuff

So I have not been around and have missed out on so much that has been going on, I have to do the seven weird things or facts about you meme, looks like fun. Hope that everyone is doing okay and that you’ll don’t catch the awful flu I am still getting over. I am really NOT good at the having to lie down in bed and not be able to do anything not only cause I was feeling so sick but I think sometimes God uses stuff like this to get our attention to just be still and listen. I’ll write more on this tomorrow.

While in bed I did watch a lot more TV than I’m used to watching. We have elections here on November 5th and it has been campaigning and political advertisements and I’m just really glad that the election is almost here and over with cause I don’t understand how Americans can live through years of campaigning for their elections. Do keep our country in your prayers.

I want to know your views on Halloween. It is not really celebrated here, the night clubs have picked up on it and on that night you have to be in a costume to get in and all that but we don’t have the decorating or the trick or treating expect for the areas where a lot of Americans live. But I do have my own thoughts on this holiday. I have been in the States for this holiday and to be quite honest I don’t like it. I think it’s a dangerous holiday not only for your teeth but I think the fact that it is associated with the occult and its so easy to subtly make things that are not good seem good and fun. Its not only the fact that people enjoy dressing up as these disgusting creatures and characters but the fact that they go all out on the decorations and really get into the spirit of Halloween yet when it comes to holidays like Christmas for instance folks find it hard to put out a nativity set or anything associated with Christ who is the real reason for the season. These are my thoughts, what are yours?